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Comrades of landlord unleash dogs at woman to make fun

A woman was critically injured when comrades of a landlord unleashed dogs on a poor lady here on Thursday.
According to details, the gruesome act occurred in Ahmedpur Sharqia (East), a Tehsil of Bahawalpur where companions of a local influential landlord gave a free rein to dogs at woman who was on her way to work place.
The untamed dogs bit the woman leaving her critically injured.
The affected lady told the media persons that the accused after unleashing dogs at her started laughing while the dogs continued to tear her flesh.
It should be mentioned that Prime Minster Yousuf Raza Gilani and other politicians of the province have been raising voice for formation of Seraiki province, while big landlords consider themselves above the law and are only interested to enjoy from torturing poor masses of the area. There had been several similar incidents in the past in the Seraiki belt but no one was brought to justice.
The affected woman and her family have demanded the chief minister Punjab and authorities concerned to take strict action against the culprits in order to prevent such incidents in future.

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  1. ali said:

    oh God, what is going on in this country. why do we always have to hear news like these.


  2. tmt said:

    The landlord must be given a dose of his own medicine and thrown to dogs.

  3. Adnan Jamil said:

    we do have to reconsider and be ashamed of such deeds. we call our selves Human i would say its all rubbish we still act like animals infact worse then animals they have some dignity but the landlord does"nt.
    it is really sad and dread full.

  4. SKfro said:

    Whip them into submission and then feed them to the dogs, their own pets.

    @Ali, this is the darkest time of our history, we have the biggest thief ruling the country with his mafia… justice will be served InshaAllah. Soon.

  5. azhar said:

    wow… where is police… o yes they were shoe polishing the landlord…
    welldone politicaisn for making paksitan prosper like this

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