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Indo-Pak trade tales

President American Business Forum Salim Ghauri has welcomed visa relaxation initiative by India and Pakistan and expressed the hope that this single step would trigger the process of bilateral trade in positive direction. He was reacting to the statement of Indian High Commissioner Sharat Shabarwal saying new Indo-Pak visa policy would be signed soon by the two governments. It is a historic situation and business community should get united to cash the moment of growth and prosperity in the region, he added. President ABF said finalization of bilateral trade investment treaty, including signing of flexible visa policy, would hit the nail to the coffin of mistrust between two sides and business community would be more open to each other in the follow up situation. According to him, encouraging the business community to reap the benefits of free market mechanism is the need of the hour, especially when Pakistan economy has successfully absorbed the shocks of Chinese phenomenon. He said the business community should take the upcoming challenges from the horn to lead the economy of South Asia in changing international scenario.

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