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US punishing Pakistan for indecisiveness over terms of re-engagement

The Americans have started punishing Pakistan after Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar indicated to them that the apology should be delayed despite advice to the contrary from Pakistan Ambassador Sherry Rahman, who indicated to Khar that the circumstances kept changing very fast in the region, therefore, the apology should be accepted.
Highly placed sources in Washington and Islamabad said the American stance was now changing due to pressure from India and other NATO countries and all the home work and advice by Ambassador Sherry Rehman had been wasted due to the inexperience of the foreign minister, especially in the field of international diplomacy.
American sources said Ambassador Grossman also felt that FM Khar was inexperienced and not the right person for such a demanding job. He informed his government that Khar gave mixed signals and made it difficult to work with her, as there was no guarantee of Pakistan’s position when she was dealing with contentious issues. The sources said the Americans had planned a multi-level apology in response to Ambassador Sherry Rahman’s skillful and constant diplomacy and were shocked that the Foreign Office, with a transition at foreign secretary level, let this apology slip between the cracks.
American officials say they waited many days for Islamabad’s response and it seemed the foreign minister overruled the apology, saying Pakistan wanted it only after the parliamentary resolutions. This was a grave error from Islamabad, they say, because soon after, Washington started loosing interest in what Pakistan had to offer.
It is also said that the inordinately long wait for the parliamentary resolutions cost Pakistan dearly. Even to get those finalized, Pakistani ambassador had to come down to Islamabad to get the parliamentary process moving with the president’s help, as others were insisting and talking there on holding out for imaginary opportunities.
This immature politics at the highest levels in the Foreign Office has created a backlash in American quarters, where there is little tolerance for time delays and indecisions. Confusion was further created when the foreign minister reportedly followed the prime minister’s line in telling Grossman that the government was not asking for an apology but only the parliament was asking for it. This itself made the Americans question the focus Islamabad put on the apology and they retracted even further when the April attacks in Kabul were blamed on the Haqqanis.
Now the situation has changed completely, as the NATO supply lines remain blocked from Pakistan and America goes forward with sourcing alternate routes for its cargo to and from Afghanistan.
Cameron Munter is leaving in frustration at Islamabad’s confusion and naiveté. He could not persuade Washington to accept Islamabad’s views in order to create any confidence with Foreign Minister Khar, who seemed more interested in catering to the galleries than dealing diplomatically with the super power.

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  1. Khalid Pathan said:

    Very true that the US is punishing Pakistan for indecisiveness over re engagement terms. More so when the US knows that the govt is dragging its feet because of ultra rightest threat who were once the blue eyed babies of our establishment, gone out of their control.

  2. Umair Ahmed Abbasi said:

    i wouldn't blame Hina Rabbani Khar but why should we accept apology from US over killing of soldiers. We should end this so called one way relationship with US. we should let them know that they need us and not the other way around.

    • mangat said:

      Its not as simple as Umair is suggesting. Its not US vs Pakistan now but Pak vs 60 nations of the world who will be going to Chicago for conference on Afganistan's future. So its in Pakistan's interest to join the war on terror sincerely.

    • Ahsan said:

      Why is she even there in the first place.Such incompetent and inexperienced FM at such critical times is making us all pay .It already cost us a fine Ambassador like Cameron Munter.She should be brought down right away.

      • Anon said:

        So, you believe everything you see in print…

        What an easy hit…

  3. Lala Rukh said:

    It seems a shame that we have to depend on women like Ms. Khar for our dignity in the foreign world. She goes with protocol and is protected by her office . She should travel in US on her non-diplomatic passport and know what people think about our country in general. I hold self-respect above anything in the world , and that is one thing we lack.

  4. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    What we lack in our foreign policy is consistency which comes only with experienced diplomats at the right capitals. Our foreign ministre with due respect is the most inexperienced ever in the history of Pakistan. Miss Sherry Rehman is in the hot seat in Washington with no diplomatic experience. Our aging Ambassdor continues to hang on to his post in London. Not all know his reason for his being there!
    Whatever happened to our career diplomats who yearn for top posts but never get them.
    They are sidelined which is a disaster. They have the experience but are ignored.Political appoinments get preference over years of toil in the corridors of diplomacy. What experience in diplomacy had Gen Karamat or Gen Durrani had when they got juicy appoinment in Washington? . Welcome to the Amateur Diplomatic Club. The results are obvious. Thank you President Zardari!

  5. BirkinBagKhar said:

    Ms. Khar should put her good looks to good use with the male diplomats of USA and NATO countries, she could get lot more done and much faster, may be in a night!

    • Anon said:

      After all it's your idea…

      Won't it be your patriotic duty to send a couple of 'good looks' from your household to strengthen her resources?

      May be the process would get even faster; say, before midnight …

      • BirkinBagKhar said:

        I consider you as member of my household, i offer you to the service of this nation along with ms. birkin khar!

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