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Shaikh becomes first Pakistani elected to Canadian Senate

Pakistan’s Honorary Investment Counsellor in Calgary, Mazhar Hussain (Mike) Shaikh has been declared one of the winners in the Alberta, Canada senatorial election to be appointed to the Canadian Senate. Shaikh represented the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta in the Senate elections. In Canada, Senators are technically appointed to the Upper House by the prime minister. The province of Alberta has led Canada in Senate reforms, and is the first province to elect its representatives to the Upper House, also known as the Red Chamber. This landmark success makes Shaikh the first South Asian and Pakistani to be elected to the Senate by popular vote. Originally from Pakistan, Shaikh has lived in Calgary for nearly 40 years.
He is a chartered accountant by profession, but has also been involved in various business ventures and has developed useful contacts in the political, business and academic circles in Alberta. He has been a member of several public organisations including Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, Alberta Securities Commission and the University of Calgary, and currently chairs Calgary Police Commission. He has also received a number of awards in recognition of his services.

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