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Zardari summons Mirza for consulting SC judgment

President Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday summoned Speaker National Assembly Dr. Fahmida Mirza to reach Islamabad for disusing various aspects of detailed judgment of the Supreme Court in contempt of court case against Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani.
Sources said the fate of PM Yusuf Raza Gilani will now be decided by the Speaker after the verdict of SC.
Source revealed it is the responsibility of the Speaker whether she sends the reference to Election Commission or not, while the Speaker could consult the Parliament in this regard.
It is pertinent to mention that in the past, references for disqualification against Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Liaquat Baloch and others were sent to then Speaker National Assembly Ameer Hussain but he had not sent those references to the Election Commission till the ending of government term.

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  1. Shahid Malik said:

    People elect Parliament and Parliament elects Prime Minister. Courts have no business to make or break governments. Supreme Court should refrain from opposing will of the people. Supreme Court is only supreme amongst various tiers of judiciary. As far as government is concerned, only the people of Pakistan have the right to elect their Prime Minister through their elected representatives. Constitution does not allow adventurism by Army nor by Judiciary. Down with Chaudhry Court!!!

  2. ali said:

    Allah ka Azab on Pakistan = Zardari, Gillani and Rehman Malik…plz elect them for another 5 years to make Pakistan a superpower.

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