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‘No compromise on Bahawalpur’

A meeting of Core Committee for the restoration of Bahawalpur province was held under the Chairman Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood and GS Syed Waseem Akhtar in Masoora. On this occasion Tabish Alvery, Nazeer Ahmad Janjua, Abdul Qadir Shaheen, Husain Ahmad Madni, Tasneem Gardezi, Abdul Jaleel Hashmi, Farooq Chohan, Imran Zahoor, and Imran-ul-Haq were also present.
While addressing the occassion, Ahmad Mahmood stated no compromise would be made regarding restoration of BP province. We are against the establishment of new provinces on the bases of lingualism.
Small new provinces should be made on the basis of administration so that relief could be provided to the people of South Punjab. Hence Muslim League-Nawaz must include restoration of BP province in its agenda in coming session of Punjab Assembly.

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