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PTI tops Pakistan political parties’ popularity graph: IRI poll

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is leading among all political parties in its growing popularity at national and provincial levels, claimed its chairman Imran Khan on Twitter citing the polls results of International Republican Institute (IRI). The latest polls and survey carried out from February 9 to March 8 this year by global research group.
PTI 31%
PML-N 27%
PPP 16%
PTI 33%
PML-N 41%
PPP 9%
PPP 42%
PTI 15 %
MQM 9%
PML-N 6%
PTI 49%
ANP 13%
PPP 9%
PML-N 8%
PTI 35%
PML-N 9 %
JUI 9%
BNP 6 %
The survey might be showing a picture of rise and fall of political parties’ popularity in the country but the polls results carried out by global or local institutes are far different from the results of general elections as shown in the past. The rising popularity of the PTI might be impressive for party itself as leading popular party of the country but the results of the conducted polls can also reflect the active role of PTI digital media activists for manipulating the results in the favor of party.
IRI survey was not released for common public so far by IRI. However, IRI is making available the methodology and the demographics to demonstrate that the poll complies with professional standards in the industry.
The population under study is representative of the adult population of Pakistan with sample size was 5,985 of people Age 18 and order Kish method was used to select respondents 18 years and older within the randomly selected household. The left hand method was used to select every third household in localities selected through area probability sample. The sample was distributed at the provincial level, rural and urban, in all four provinces of Pakistan (except for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Chitral). The sample was then post-weighted to make it proportionate to national representation by province. Face-to-face interviews were conducted.


  1. Zoaib said:

    What a biased comment by the news "reporter". It is factually incorrect to say that the poll results did not represent election results in the past. In fact, the IRI survey released just before the 2008 elections pretty accurately predicted the results of the 2008 elections. Also as the detailed methodology shows the survey was conducted on ground and not on the internet for PTI "digital media activists" to manipulate it in any way.

    Please be a bit more responsible in your reporting (or even analysis) and refrain from publishing such lies.

    • Sehrish Khan said:

      These Reporters can not digest the popularity of PTI and Imran's lovers 🙂 take chill pill. Just wait n watch and PTI lovers will prove them better results than the IRI results even 🙂

    • Ali said:

      you seem to be very far from the trueness people think the way survey is go out and ask people

    • Malik said:

      My friends electoral politics is absolutely different than polls. Despite of the fact people have been sent to the dark ages by Zardari group but still they vote PPP. Similiar with others and Imran khan is also the same as he has clubbed all Musharaf team and this about this team everybody knows that they are ISI agents. No change, only hope to political system; and without any bias if a person like Shahbaz Shareef become head of administration then you can expect some improvement otherwise all "choor" including us as we are supporting only slogans instead of practical!

    • Malik said:

      My Friend IRI or Gallup whatever the source were, but again I would say that revolution cannot be made on internet or by sitting in airconditioned rooms. some time back i was also of the view that Imran Khan can build up a hope but since he has started including people like shah mehmood quereshi, javed hashmi, legharis, and many more people who ever played in the hands of agencies and are responsible for dark pakistan I have changed my opinion and now I would say you and i cannot bring change as we do not have money. Imran Khan has also been trapped by these bandits. You might have seen sheikh rasheed jilsa of around 5000 people in city like RWP.

  2. Zia Rehman said:

    As always said by Great Imran khan, PPP is almost confined to rural sindh. It's bubble has been burst by Imran's cornered tigers. Now, the cornered tigers are sharpening their claws to strangulate the nooras of Punjab!!..Just wait and see!!!

  3. shaukat ali said:


    • hanan said:

      likhna to sekho fever ni favour hota ahi tumhare jase logo na pakistan ka kam tamam kia hai pti walo

  4. adeel said:

    According to Sohail Waraich, aleading journalist, IRI survey reflect almost in 2008 election. It is on ground survey and mostly cover rural and illiterate people.

    • iqbal ghori said:

      Poor brother, its a fake result. There is no such result on IRI site.

  5. owais said:

    IRI survey shows that pml n is leading political party in Punjab and Punjabhas more than fifty percent of seats in National Assembly so thats great as this shows that pml n will make the government in both federation,Punjab province and will get its due large share in government of other provinces.Mian nawaz sharif zindabad

    • Azmat said:

      Brother Owais
      Mr nawaz sharif got 5 chance to run the government but unfortunately he never proved his ability ..All the time sharif brothers focused to increase their wealth only rather than running the country for public interest…I cant understand why are you still supporting him… what did he gave to Pakistan?? kindly give chance to Imran Khan this time..He is honest person and has proved his ability in working for public interest, Shukat Khanam Cancer hospital and Numal university are big example of it…Even yet you want to bring corrupt political leaders again then dont cry in future on Loadshedding,unemployment, corruption and inflation etc.Its our responsibility to elect Good quality leaders. That all I want to say,

      • Ali said:

        In Fact!
        Nobody is corrupt. Public of Pakistan itself is corrupt and the problem is genetic(May be the treatment is bloodshed Invasive surgery). The biggest deceive a man can do is to deceive himself.
        Casting vote(a simple 01 hour chance in 5 years) in the best interest of a Country is the love its people showers for the prosperity of their land.
        I m quiet afraid of my country's future if you cast vote to PML-N…. Do you love Pakistan??? Are you Pakistani????

  6. Owais Hadi said:

    IRI survey shows that pml n is leading political party in Punjab and Punjabhas more than fifty percent of seats in National Assembly so thats great as this shows that pml n will make the government in both federation,Punjab province and will get its due large share in government of other provinces.Mian nawaz sharif zindabad

    • Najeeb said:

      It looks like dream for PML-N as they are loosing by the minute. By the time of election they will be a much much smaller party

  7. Zia said:

    Survey of IRI in 2008 was spot on. Result of 2008 elections were almost the same predicted by IRI.

  8. Mehmud said:

    I am not sure why PTI is lacking behind N.May be with more organized effort and transparent
    internal election boast the image of PTI

    • TazeemJan said:

      This IRI survey is doubtful, coz it shows Imran Khan less popular in Punjab, whereas common observation is that IK posters/offices r much more in Punjab than PMLN.

  9. Irfan ullah khan said:

    I think Gall Up servey is more trustable thant IRI

    • shahan said:

      sure! because you can always trust 'gall up' survey to swing the findings in your favor for the right amount of money 😉

  10. Qamar khan ahmedabad said:

    Poll shows pml n still strong in punjab and punjab 62% of Pakistan so pml n can make government in next election

    • Ali said:

      Insha Allah!
      PTI will be the next Govt. of Pakistan. Being only a rural citizen of Pakistan(not belonging to any political party) i feel its my responsibility and i shall fulfill my responsibility Insha Allah, which is "not only casting my own vote to PTI, rather to make it sure that all my fifty three family members cast vote to PTI to save Pakistan" PTI Zindabad.

  11. Abid said:

    ANYONE who is still in favour of PPP, MQM & PMLN deserve all that is happening to them right now. Here is to hoping they kill themselves for the greater good of mankind…

  12. Abid said:

    As it turns out, KPK & Balochistan people are much more sensible than Punjab & Sindh… PTI for the win!

    • Ali said:

      Do't you worry about Punjab decision!
      Just watch! How Punjabi will kick out PML-N and PPP both corrupt anti Pakistan parties.

      Do you know:
      Who is Imran Khan
      Awam ki Jaan.

      PTI Zindabad

  13. ijaz said:

    inshallah this popularity will increase upto 60% to next year

  14. nasir jamil said:

    Only PML-N is the Best. After Election Imran Khan Meet With Nawaz Sharif
    Then I Kown That What Happen With Fool Youth.

    • Ali said:

      Biggest deceive a man can do is to deceive himself.
      People who are paying solutes to "Black Holes" will soon be desperate Insha Allah.

      PTI Zindabad.
      Captain Paindabad

    • iqbal ghori said:

      Go and see the IRI website and you find the facts. No result regarding popularity of political parties in Pak exists. NS and IK are spending lot of money on such propaganda. They are liars. They are looters. Corrupt politician. They have made empire by siphoning off Bank loans in millions.

      • shahan said:

        ghori sb, aap ki tabiyat tou theek hai? IK aur corrupt? delusional keh lein, idealist keh lein, lekin corrupt? haha.. what a joker!

    • iqbal ghori said:

      So now NS is trying win polls by fake survey. There is no such result on IRI survey. Go and visit their website. You will find the factual position.

    • iqbal ghori said:

      Corrupt NS is now trying to win polls by fake survey. People now knows them very well. NS is a "bhagora" who can agree to any thing if it is on his head.

    • PTI Supporter said:

      Sorry to remind yourself ,Pakistan itself was created by some "fools and youth of that time" So proud to be called fools!!

      Sorry but we follow Iqbal,

      Guzar ja aqal se aage k ye noor,
      Charagh-e-raah he manzil nahe he!!!

  15. Pakistani said:

    PMLN has opened its coffers to buy support and as there are greedy and needy and market is hot people donot mind to be on sale.Latest example is the 'talented cousin'.This has been our history.Now is the time to rewrite our history.

  16. ahmed solangi said:

    PTI zinda o paindabad………….

  17. M Baist said:

    Pakistani nation wish PTI Bright Future . Inshallah PTI cleen sweep in next Election

  18. ateeq said:

    ALLAH hum ko or papular kare or kameyabio se nawaze …….

  19. jjjj said:

    PML N……… zindabad …..
    PTI iz a Emotional party … imran khan is also a emotionl person

    • Ali said:

      Personal attacks on opponent for malicious political agenda is old and obsolete now.

      We Need New Pakistan.
      Only With Imran Khan.

      PTI Zindabad.

    • paa jee said:

      bhai sab dono partion ki barion ko dakh k tang nhi aya abi tak? choron ki jamaton ko? kisi mukhls admi ko ana deejia. or Imran khan is the best and pti INSHALLAH jeetay gi.

  20. Ahmer said:

    We got no option left, we are forced to look at imran only. as he is the only possible choice. and i m sure the right one As well.

    God Bless You Imran, and Pakistan.

    You are our Only Hope, you are the Destiny.

    Love you from the core of our hearts.

  21. Ahmer said:

    My one request to all my PTI supporters, that whenever you see someone opposing PTI or supporting another party, respect their opinion, as no two humans can be alike. We understand that there is always difference of opinion, and i hope sooner or later they will be part of our ranks Insha Allah.

    Morover, If you see an opponent using rubbish language for PTI or imran, don’t give a damn to them, as this shows their level of frustration, and please don’t ever degrade yourself like them, don’t fall at their level. Let them be what they are, they will eventually show their own mind. Even our silence can put their Ass on Fire.

    Regards to all my PTI supporter, God Bless You all.

  22. yasin kamil said:

    PML-N is the best…. baqi sub only rest parties hain…. inshallah PML-N election jeety ga…

    • PTI lover said:

      Pml N ka leader talk shows par anay say darta hy…Allah ki koi special makhlooq hy kya?imran khan sach bolta hy wikileaks nay be saabit kiya aur pml n jhooti hy according to wikileaks..please for once choose as a nuetral and vote for a better for imran khan..

  23. PTI lover said:

    Nawaz S 6000 tax deta hy and he is a multibillionaire..Vote for Mr. Clean Imran Khan..

  24. shafqat hussain khan said:

    PTI is the only hope for the betterment of pakistan
    so i like pakistan tehreek e insaf & Imran Khan is my hero

  25. Asif said:

    i am impressed that there are still fool around who support PML-N……Let you tell u frankly that we the people of Lahore want to get rid of these idiot sharif family…

  26. Osama Bokhari said:

    PML N Zindaabad…….
    Inshallah PML N won In the Elections
    Gallop survey is more athantic than IRI

  27. khalid Burki said:

    The only hope for our country is the Great IMRAN KHAN!!!!!! We love u IMRAN BHAII

  28. Majid said:

    I can proudly say that atleast we have emotions ….! Love Imran Khan Love PTI…..!
    agar is dafa bhe awam lisoch na badli to is awan ka ilaj hay ….!

  29. waqar said:

    I don't agree that PML N is leading in punjab they are ruling in province and what miracles they have done. they will lose badly and PTI will prevail.

  30. SL DUA said:

    PTI is only a pawn in the hands of army for securing DPC in King's place.

  31. Maskeen Ullah Khan said:

    Hope for the best, This is our last hope that PML N & PPP leave the govt. and hand over the govt. to devoted person like Imran Khan

  32. SALMAN said:


  33. M bilal khan said:


  34. Spi-sy-der-man said:

    "Untested PTI" = Test-Tube Baby of different s*p*e*r*m*s – no wonder only a handicap child will emerge out of papa-pasha abuse of IM.

  35. Spi-sy-der-man said:

    PTI sympathizers is a bunch of ignorant-lot. Their leader IM could not even took possession of his two "half-jew-half-muslim" sons !! – how dare he think of bringing a change – first he need to set his home-life on track and then anything else. Internet is full of stories of x-jew-wife… Open-your-eyes-Pakistan…….. open-your-eyes…

    • truth bites said:

      open your eyes too, Jews dont need to wed their girl to make anyone an agent! you will find examples in Pakistan who are on permanent agents of foreign powers! explain how having sons from a ex jewish wife will make him unable to bring change? so open your eyes dude! unlike Pakistan, UK has family law that actually works, Altaf hussain has similar issues with custody of his daughter too! until 16 children are given in care of mother with allowed visits to father every week! like Pakistan a powerfull man can not take children by force! so wake up and open your sleep eyes!
      Marriage is personal matter, not related to politics unless its family party like PPP and PML-n, or ANP!

      • Yelo said:

        @truth bites – your reply seems very week – firstly, this is Pakistan not UK or USA , secondly this IK unable to kept his house in order, thirdly, he is in politics and he is a public figure now, people have full right to talk about and ask questions like everyone tore Zardari cloths , how can IK be treated as exception…. finally IK has failed to make a point in Pakistan politics time and again he ran away from the elections and the poor chap is waiting for the last 5overs of the batch with 9wicket down….. huh

  36. Aftab Zahoor said:

    Best wishes for imran and ultimately for Pakistan.
    Regarding PML-N, I will just say, Y r they not shifting their industry from abroad to Pakistan, they do business outside Pakistan( more than 90% of their investment is abroad). but want to govern Pakistan, this is totally stupid. They constructed hospitals in Pakistan but go to abroad for treatment. This is very stupid.
    They distrubuted laotops/note books, which are secondary for students, almost thousands of students are graduated every year but they dont have any plane for employment. This is again very stupid attempt from them.
    To me, they are vision less, and dont deserve to be voted this time.

  37. Fiaz Dogar said:

    pp zinda baad
    agli waari fair zardari inshallah
    jiyay bilawal
    zinda hai bibi zinda hai
    naara naara naara bhutto
    jiyay jiyay jiyay bhutto

  38. shoaib shahid said:

    the only hope of pakistan……pti and imran khan……

  39. Qasim said:

    PML (N) Zindabad!
    PTI is a truck holding 'political garbage/most corrupt politicians of Pakistan.

  40. Qasim said:

    PTI's supporters are emerging and behaving like 'Jialas' of PPP, contains no respect for opinions of others; have no logic and reasonable point to discuss; emotions dominate and courage for a mature and baseful discussion fails!

  41. hameed said:

    pml n zindabad Nawaz sharif is the great leader in pakistan

  42. zahid said:

    lanat hay all who support a proven zane person…. a zana is gunah -e- kabirah and he commited already/////////// lanat hay hum apnay app ko muslman kahtay hain……..

  43. Musa said:

    For all those who are calling his wife a jew and his sons jewish, just siezed ti be muslims themselves as Islam, once a person proclaims the Kalima, anyone calling him/her non muslim brings the wrath of Aallah SWT on themselves. So first of all Lanat on all of you Kafirs for calling his ex wife Kafir, only goes to show how ignorant you are and a lowlife. Secondly Imran khan needs to give no justifications, his life is an open book, and is the cleanest politician to date, all those not voting for him can choose another country and immigrate as you are all yateem, since ur leaders have abandoned u already. Inshallah with the will of ALLAH Imran Khan is pakistans next prime minister. Humara Pakistan, vote for him or leave, there isnt a third choice for you, because this motherland of ours shall not take any more traitors.

  44. sami said:

    Imran is best choice what u peopel exPect nawaz sharif nothing man he is there just to take his term but sorry nawaz we r not stuppid its khan time and inshallah I am totally hopeful that he can deliver

  45. Riaz said:

    Nawaz sharif and zardari both are corrupt politican in pakistan.I am sure they can't do anything else except corruption. Now the situation of pakistan is DO OR DIE if dont vote to honest person…………. I dont think we can see this lovely country in the world map so please think before you use ur vote.

  46. aliraza said:

    maryyam nawaz is beautiful women .iss ko dehk kar non leauge ko vote danay ko dill kartay hai

  47. idrees said:

    Imran khan is the man to change the situation i love to Imran khan Idrees

  48. Talib Hussain said:

    Imran khan is only one hope of Pakistan.(Imran may you live healthy).
    Talib Hussain Haripur Pakistan

  49. Yasir Tufail said:

    Insallah Imran Khan become more popular in next coming days

  50. Yasir Tufail said:

    Imran Khan is the next coming Prime Minister of Pakistan

    Good Luck!

    Imran Khan

  51. t4u said:

    he does not even have a 50% support in any province , wonder on what basis he has been talking about clean sweep or tsunami

  52. paki said:

    as it is cleared to all guys that KPK and Balochistan are immensely suffering form the terrorism problem. These are adhering people and used a wise sense regarding their future and i m too glad, hearing about their opinion. While i am nervous about punjabis not wanting to rebuild the great nation. Alas alas lac time alas punjab is the leading province in majority. If punjab is thinking such so who will suport KPK and Baloch to wind up their crises. I m too much worried about punjab bowing toward PML n

  53. imtiaz tahirkheli said:

    I am sure imran khan and his cyber warriors must be really happy to these manipulated polls; what a joke!

  54. Rafique said:

    indeed God may bless Imran and though we have been living in Model Town Lahore for the last 28 years and heard and seen no other but Nawaz and wrongly voted for him all these years- Alas !

    I wish me and my family would have been a little more pragmatic in our approach…………..

    I now live in Jeddah very near to Makkah and pray in Haram (Kaba) for Imran Khan that God may give him throne; if only his intention is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if he comes to power; beleive me he is true to every Pakistani in intention and his conduct
    and we have served our role by voting the best person in Pakistan!

  55. saleem said:

    i love pti with soul so best wish always with truth man imran khan zinda bad pakistan painda bad

  56. Siddique said:

    Last hope is only for us only imran khan such a great man we all love with him because he is truth man and we all with him

  57. kashif said:

    Khuda ki lanat ho us per jo mulak dushman ko vote they Zardari ek choor, lotaira, ghadar party ka sadar hai . i request all of your don't vote him.

  58. Syed Muhammad Zubair said:

    If we want our Pakistan to be in the list of the countries are strong by each & every aspect, We all must have to vote in next elections only for the 2 political parties PML(Nawaz) & PTI(Imran Khan).
    And PML(Nawaz) and PTI(Imran Khan) has to think about our and their Pakistan, and should leave behind their ego. These 2 parties unity only can bring our Pakistan out from the depth of the present hell.
    I wish ONE day i'll find my Pakistan like it's ""MEANINGS"" and "I proud to be a Pakistani" i wish a day will come when this emotional statement will convert into strong feelings and pridly we'll call this statement in front of the WORLD with no fear.


  59. usman said:

    khuda k leye apny mulk per rehm khao or apna vote pti ko do jo muhammad jinnha ka pakistan chahti hai plz

  60. Rana Saifullah Saifi said:

    Inshallah this percentage will touch the top level in coming months…..

  61. finance manager said:

    I dont know why people ‘mixed’ MQM PPP OR ANP types parties with PML-N. PML-N is quit different and its represent all pakistan not any provonce. I know its difficult for PML-N to come again becuse ARMY DONT WANT HIM. They knows that he will change this power game & then no mis use of public funds in which forces involved. Only PM who survived 2 times with the direct fight with ARMY.. Strong politician and kind man Nawaz.

  62. shah said:

    pls support PML-N. As PTI is farigh party. They dont know the tricks of establishments and cant fight with establishment which is the requirement of time. PML-N have good team they delevered before and they will delever again. If unpolitical forces give him time.

  63. desi said:

    I believe Imran Khan is sincere in his thinking but very unrealistic.Having said that,we all already know what we will get if we bring in PPP or PML-N,so I guess it will not hurt to bring in Imran Khan,he couldn't possibly do any worse then this useless corrupt government of PPP,don't get too exicted PMN-L,you ain't nothing to write home about either.I think there is no harm in giving Imran a shot.Its very possible that since he is new and motivated,he just might get things done.But no one comes with a guarantee,only time will tell.If you are a true Pakistani living in Pakistan or any where in the world and you want your Pakistan to do well,be among friendly nations who have everyones respect(unlike today) then you owe it to yourself to vote for change and give change a chance.If you are just a loyal party person then you are not a true Pakistani.Make every vote count if you are tired of the same ol same ol results,same ol hardships,same ol load shedding,same ol bad reputation of Pakistan and its people,same ol the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer,MAKE IT COUNT,change is needed,change is necessary.

  64. Dani said:

    I Think PML N supporters forgot that in 2008 elections, there were more then 30 million Bogus (jaali) votes , and this was proved by Judiciary and Media .still you will say that 2008 IRI sury was correct ?

  65. ahmad farooq said:

    PTI should come, rule and serve the people now in any case and on any cost.

  66. Amin said:

    Which methodology is adapted for the survey? Sample size and number of clusters is not clear. Practically in KPK, religious parties (JI & JUI) are on the top in public, but the results don;t show any %ages for these parties.

  67. Amin said:

    Based on my vision the country level position is like below.
    MLN: 30%
    PTI: 25%
    PPP: 20%
    MLQ: 10%
    JI: 5%
    JUI: 4%
    MLF: 3%
    ANP: 2%
    Others: 1%

    To make a balance between MLN and PTI, PTI must have a seat adjustment with JI. No other way. PTI is all over the the country and JI has strong pockets in the country. 2:1 ratio can be used for final setup.

  68. muhammad pervaiz said:

    we love imran khan and pti and we want now change in pakistan, lot of poor people died in last five years bcoz they have no food no home shelter and no life for them, in pp govt. who will ask them . please do something for poor people of pakistan. life is too short. we have to think about

  69. farooq said:

    totaly fake servay is it true pti in balochistan 35% and sindh 15% in punjab 41% totaly mis guide and only eliction campaien not is realty mybe imran is over confiedance pakistan real picther is deffrent not for this servay insa Allah all world see the real picther is pakistan on 11 may 2013

  70. muneeb rauf said:

    GOD bless u N
    awaz sharif the next prime minister ov pakistan……..

  71. Hamid Nawaz said:

    Hahaha……… only emotions can bring a change……..really PTI workers are emotional and their emotions will bring change……I pride PTI

  72. Waqar ali said:

    PTI ALL THE WAY… I hope and wish people like us living abroad can also vote for pti…
    and return to our country… salute to ALL the people who are praying for Imran khan and spending there time with him whether morally physically and financially…

    Inshallah Allah we will help us, coz finally ALL the mango people life us have decided to change our life to betterment… ( :

  73. ahmer said:

    Request for all PTI supporters, Its pleasing if PTI is on top of the list, but if PTI lacks behind, don't even think of it, just put ur share, play your part and do your best, i would be voting for PTI even if the popularity graph is on the Bottom. When Ibrahim (as) was put in the fire, a bird was bringing water in its beak (despite it was not enough by any mean, that should be the spirit of every PTI supporter. 🙂

  74. M Shahid Latif said:

    My Vote is going for Two Parties like Small Vote for PTI and Bigger For PML N and I think that Easiest for me to Caught both Collar and I am 100 % Sure this Time Percentage of My Category People is 15 % to 22 % I am looking that one Who want to Change in this Country and the beauty is Just see inside your Collar then Blame on Others,

  75. M Shahid Latif said:

    PML N & PTI Need to get together and Think For PAKISTAN and Its Better

  76. farooq said:

    Inshallah PTI would lead and would get the most seats. These surveys shows overall insight of people mindset. All educated, concerned and well awared people are behind PTI message and which is to eradicate corruption, favoritism and injustice.

    Imran is a legendary leader, he is not biased, he thinks, lives and speaks for his country people. His political effort is just for the people of Pakistan and once he comes into power we would surely see a huge difference in people getting their rights and freedom.

    All old parties of elite class consider general pakistani people like slaves and do not want people to empower so that they can keep enjoying their ruling status and their shops may trhive.

    All Pakistani, I appeal you to please go and vote for change because this is your country, all traditional experiences has ruined it and we want our beloved pakistan to be developed, progressive and best country in world not only for Pakistanis but also for international community. We want peace, justice and rule of law and this is what Imran Khan will bring, Inshallah.

  77. M Shahid said:

    My Vote is going for Two Parties like Small Vote for PTI and Bigger For PML N and I think that Easiest for me to Caught both Collar and I am 100 % Sure this Time Percentage of My Category People is 15 % to 22 % I am looking that one Who want to Change in this Country and the beauty is Just see inside your Collar then Blame on Others,

  78. Ahsan said:

    Populated PUNJAB .. . please Hosh me aa jaOoo .. PTI ko support kro .

  79. Waqas said:

    Love For PAT & PTI Who Educate Us And Tell Us About Our Rights,,,,,,,,,,

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