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Basra greets nation over resolution for new province

Senior PPP leader Shaukat Basra on Friday congratulated the nation on passing resolution for establishing a new province to help resolve the problems of the people of South Punjab.
He said that credit goes to the President, the Prime Minister and coalition partners who made struggle for new province.
He said that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government after coming into power is making all out efforts to bring progress and prosperity in all fields of life.
Talking to Pakistan Television channel, he said that there is need to utilize the financial resources in the Punjab province in a proper manner.
Deputy Parliamentary leader of Pakistan Peoples Party in the Punjab Assembly said that spending huge amount on the construction of bridges, roads, flyovers, laptops and other projects launched by Chief Minister would not address the real issues of the people of the area.

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One Comment;

  1. Gaizoo Khan said:

    congratulations to the deprived! Their demand for the province was meaningful, but the province should not be named on racial grounds since some other communities are also living there..

    The demand for other provinces does not make sense..Hazaarwal are not deprived.Wahaabis are targetting them due to sectarian differences. I, myself, am a Hazaarwal and we have no interest in getting province.

    I also disagree to the demand of Karachi as a separate province. The people demanding separate province there are not deprived. They are agents of anti-pakistan countries. They are extortionists..Their involvement in May 12 massacre bear it out. Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, where are you?

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