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Pak-US relations

This is with reference to lead news in your esteemed paper “Talks between US, Pakistan fail “(29 April). As anticipated talks between US and Pakistan have ended in failure for want of apology from the United States, US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan must be the most unhappy person when his mission to persuade Pakistan to open NATO supply route failed.
Pak-US relations frayed when US-led NATO forces conducted air strikes against Pakistan territory on Salala check post violating Pakistan’s sovereignty. The event was marked by Pakistan’s protest and punitive action against NATO supply route. Parliament’s committee on defence has also sought apology from US and there is no going back. The religious and political parties are adamant that ban on NATO supply route not to be lifted; if it happens, it will be blocked by human shields.
The question that agitates Pakistanis is that US President Obama was quick to offer apology to Afghanistan when one of their soldiers killed 16 Afghans and in another incident in which US soldier urinated on the dead body of an Afghan. Then why the US is reluctant to offer apology when the incident is more serious than the incidents on which apology has been tendered by the US.
The deadlock will continue between Pakistan and US till such time apology for this barbaric incident is offered and a guarantee is provided against such future attacks. Both US and Pakistan are at loggerheads on this issue and no one is showing flexibility. However, if US retaliated it must be supported with some documentary evidence and CCTV footage as each action is filmed as a matter of SOP. Pakistan’s stand has resulted in stoppage of promised military aid to the tune of $ 3 billion.
The prevalent mistrust between US and Pakistan is damaging the common objective of defeating terrorism from the region. Accusing Pakistan of being complicit with the Taliban and Haqqani network will increase further tension instead of easing it. The US must focus in taking some positive initiatives leadings towards the betterment of people of Pakistan. Unless the US helps itself by improving its public image in Pakistan, it will not see NATO supply route being opened. The ball is in the US court now.