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Aik Hunar, Aik Nagar

AHAN – Aik Hunar Aik Nagar – organised an exhibition to display rural handmade products of Pakistan at the London High Commission for Pakistan, United Kingdom.
The event ‘Handmade Pakistan Exhibition’ marked the first occasion when AHAN exhibited handicrafts from Pakistan under its brand name “Handmade by AHAN” in UK.
The products on display at the exhibition represented a small segment of the vast range of handmade products ranging from regional hand embroidery, Ajrak, patch work (Rilli), accessories (apparels, home decor), lacquer art, silver jewellery and leather.
This was the first time that AHAN, a public limited company operating as subsidiary of Pakistan
Industrial Development Corporation under the Production Ministry, displayed the rural crafts of Pakistan in UK with the hope of opening further avenues for export of such products, benefiting the poor rural artisans and craft persons in the country.
The exhibition was extremely successful with dozens of visitors turning up to buy and inquire about the unique products and the stunning handiworks. Amongst the most appreciated products were embroidered truck-art cushions from Balochistan, Sindhi Ajraks and Rillis, beaded jewellery from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and lacquer items from Sillanwali.