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Shahid recommending Bipasha for film roles

The rumoured former lovers, Shahid Kapoor and Bipasha Basu were recently spotted sipping coffee with filmmaker Siddharth Anand and his wife at a coffee shop in Mumbai. The foursome made for a happy picture and was apparently heard discussing scripts. News has it that Shahid is keen on having Bipasha on board for the remake of Hollywood film ‘Knight and Day’ which will be directed by Anand. A source said, “Although Shahid and Bipasha have worked together some years ago-in Mathew Matthan’s ‘Shikhar’-they not only became good friends early last year, but were also said to be dating. While they’re believed to have broken up after the release of ‘Mausam’, it seems they remained friends. Shahid strongly recommended her name to Siddharth.” The film, in fact, was announced last year, but due to prior commitments for both Siddharth and Shahid, the work was never started. Now, Shahid being free is keen on reviving the film and is very eager to cast ex flame Bips in the role that was originally essayed by Cameron Diaz. When Siddharth was contacted to confirm the news, the director refused to comment and simply said, “Only after I finish writing can we figure out the casting.” So what was Bipasha doing with the two of them at the coffee shop? “We’re friends and would like to work together if there’s a suitable subject. Otherwise, just hanging around doesn’t mean we are doing a film together.”

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