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Partition of Punjab is inevitable: Governor Khosa

Punjab Governor Latif Khosa said Wednesday Punjab’s split is the writing on the wall, adding Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has learnt no lesson from the past.
Speaking to reporters after meeting PML-Q leader Nasrullah Dareshak, the governor said his party had no objection to naming new province as Panjnad or ahawalpur.
The next elections, he said, will be contested together with the PML-Q. Replying to a question, the governor said “We will file an appeal if Supreme Court gives verdict against Prime Minister Gillani”.
The governor said Punjab blamed the centre even if a cracker goes off.

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  1. Muhamad Younus Butt said:

    When the enemies are inside,no need to import from outside.The history of Punjab showa that its citizens did harm to it by theslves.Why donot divide Sindh? Agterall why Punjab is being made goat of sacrifice.We want a vast wider big huge Punjab,but this PPP wants to disturb Punjab.These Fuesalists and big zamindars do not care and are playing foul games in the hands of pppp.First ppp makes courgeous decision to distribute their lands in Larkan,Nodero,GarhiYasin and Garhi Khuda bux,then think about other things.The ppp commands must quit the emperiolism spirit.

  2. SSA said:

    Butt is trying to be patriotic by opposing formation of new province in Punjab. For good governace and better administration more provinces like Seraike, Hazara, Karachi, Qalat, South Wazirstan and North Waziristan are must. Can someone tell Butt what One-Unit did to Pakistan?

  3. SSA said:

    Butt Sahib, please stop your favour for Punjab. We need more provinces for better administration and good governance. Think more prinices like Bahawalpur, Seraike, Hazara, Qalat, North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Karachi.

  4. aas said:

    all the cities of pakistan should be made provinces. i.e province lahore ,provice faislabad
    provice quetta province peshawar ,provine swat, province karchi.

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