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Grand jirga in Peshawar on 29th to discuss militancy, terrorism

In an attempt to build a consensus amongst the Pashtun elders from various walk of life, a few likeminded political activists have arranged a jirga here at Peshawar on April 29.
The jirga will be attended by socio-tribal elders, politicians, religious scholars, students, labor representatives, traders and businessmen.
Though the organizers claim that they are convening the jirga purely on non-political grounds, but a majority of them have already disassociated themselves from the ruling Awami National Party. On such grounds, the event might be an anti-ANP show whereas its (ANP) traditional rivals could exploit it for your own political interests.
Engineer Asif Ali Khan, considered a close friend of former federal minister and nationalist politician Mohammad Afzal Khan, told a group of reporters that, “So far there has been no contact with the ANP leadership.” He confirmed contacting and extending invitations to other Pashtun leaders like Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Mohammad Afzal Khan commonly known as Khan Lala and Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao.
The ANP leadership said they were “yet to decide on participation in the jirga”.
Arbab Tahir said, “We are aware about the schedule but have not been formally invited yet, therefore, it is premature to say anything at this stage.”
He said Khan Lala had already suggested the ANP high command to make arrangements for convening a jirga of Pashtun elders from all over the country.
Jamaluddin, an active worker behind the schedule jirga, said in a handwritten text that issues like extremism, violence and terrorism could be discussed by the participants. He said extremists and terrorists from all over the world had assembled on Pashtuns’ soil, therefore, they were making an attempt to force these elements to return to their native countries.

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