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Swedish delegation meets JI chief

A Swedish delegation led by Ambassador to Pakistan, Lars Hjalmar Wide, held a meeting with Ameer Jamaat e Isla mi Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, here at Mansoora on Thursday. According to a statement issued here, Hasan appraised the delegation of Islamic charter of Human Rights and said Islam has protected rights of all individuals irrespective of creed, religion, colour or cast in a society.
He said if the rights of majority were violated in a society, the minority also suffered. He said those who criticized Islam or Muslims on the pretext of some individual acts of violation of basic human rights must take notice of brutalities in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq and Palestine. “Hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims are massacred but the world community kept mum over it,” he added. He said India had seriously violated the basic human rights in Kashmir by launching 0.7million army personnel and practically taken them hostage. He said the world must come forward to get the issue solved in light of the resolutions passed by United Nations.

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