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Seraiki province to be carved out before general polls: Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari has said the Seraiki province will be carved out before the general elections.
He said so during a meeting with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) workers in Multan. Zardari said that this is the best time for the formation of a new province for the people of south Punjab, adding that he would visit every nook and corner of the South Punjab in a bid to carve out a Seraiki province.
He said that some people were opposing the new province for their vested interests but they would have to face defeat.
Terming the creation of a new province the voice of the downtrodden who have been facing tremendous problems for a long time now, he said that the new province would facilitate the indigenous people in resolving their issues on a priority basis.
Regarding the much hyped ephedrine case, he said Ali Musa Gilani was falsely implicated in the drug case. He said that he had come to Multan to express solidarity with Yousuf Raza Gilani.
Zardari said that he had voluntarily ceded his powers, while Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was holding several ministries. He said that the PPP was able to form its government in Punjab but it let the PML-N do so.

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  1. tariq said:

    the issue is not if seraki province ought or ought not be formed issue is whether our economy can afford it. There are many things in our country that should take precedence but no one seems to be bothered by the priorities.

    With the Caliber and worthiness of our leaders this sort of bickering is expected.

  2. Hamid Khan said:

    These are tactics to sidetarack from criminal activities of P.M and his family. Creation of province is nothing to do with henious crimes commited by P.M and his family. P.M and his son are Drug lords and must be punished for playing with lives of people. DON GILANI OF MULTAN DRUG CARTEL.

  3. Jack Iyer said:

    All of the educated and most of the un-educated pakis know this guys is a very shrude criminal. My question is what are we going to do about him. I guarantee you that his son will be PM or P after the next election and this criminal will rn the show while sitting in Dubai or England.

    Jack or Islamabad

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