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Osama’s family to be deported next week

Pakistan will deport the widows and children of former al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to Saudi Arabia next week after their jail sentence for illegal residency ends, their lawyer said on Friday. The three women and two children were detained by security forces after a secret US special forces raid killed bin Laden in Abbottabad in May last year. Earlier this month a court sentenced the women to 45 days in prison for illegally staying in the country.
It ordered their deportation after the prison term which began on March 3 when they were formally arrested. “They are likely to be deported to Saudi Arabia on April 18, as their sentence ends on April 17,” the family’s lawyer, Aamir Khalil, said. The three widows and the children were among the 16 people detained after the U.S. raid. Two of the wives are Saudi nationals, and one is from Yemen.

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  1. KAMRAN said:

    You know what would really be funny? If Osama's family, after they arrive in another country, make a statement that Pakistan Army knew about their whereabouts and helped in hiding them. I would die laughing 🙂

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