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TIP smells ‘Rs 1.7b rat’ in free laptop scheme

The free laptop distribution scheme launched by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was challenged on Saturday, as Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) claimed that the provincial government had violated the Punjab Procurement Rules, 2009, while procuring 110,000 laptops, and had incurred a loss of at least Rs 1.7 billion to the exchequer.
In a letter written to Ali Tahir, provincial secretary of the Punjab Planning and Development Department, TIP Advisor Syed Adil Gilani referred to serious allegations reported in the print media (copy enclosed) on April 6, 2012, citing violations of Punjab Procurement Rules, 2009 in procuring 110,000 laptops.
“TI Pakistan requests the Secretary to please examine the allegations. According to Punjab Procurement Rules, 2009, P&D Department was obliged to issue tender documents comprising of detailed specifications, evaluation criteria and other documents complying with Rule No 23. Kindly provide the tender documents to examine whether Rule No 23 was applied or not,” Gilani said.
“However, the P&D Department may clarify the allegations such as indirect reference that the specifications of laptops in the tender were different than what you have procured (like i3 or i5 processors were specified in the tender, while the machine provided by the government runs on Pentium-D processor) and the laptops distributed by the provincial government do not carry any guarantee, or the prices are 70 percent higher than the market costs, need detailed report,” the TIP adviser said in his letter.
He pointed out that the judgement by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on RPP HRC 7734-G/0930 case announced on March 30, 2012, had rescinded and declared all RPP Contacts awarded in 2006 as well as in 2008, “illegal” and against the PPRA Rules.
“It is important to note that all the executive authorities are bound to enter into contracts for supplies at the least expense to the public exchequer. The most significant consideration for every department of the government must be the best economical mode of meeting the public needs,” he said.
He reminded the P&D secretary that by being a member of Punjab PPRA Board, his responsibilities were greater than other procuring departments, as he needs to be a role model of a PPRA complaint department.
The TI Pakistan is striving to have rule of law in Pakistan, which is the only way to eliminate corruption and have good governance in the country, he added.

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  1. MT ALI said:

    Somebody needs to look at how come the architect and sub contractors for Ashiana Housing Scheme have become billionares overnight. Khadim e Ala Punjab needs to probe this matter for it reflects poorly on his administration.

    • HasanNaveed said:

      What administration. He himself is a corrupt person. Corruption in such a high profile scheme cannot take place without his complicity. In Pakistan abusing subordinates, suspending and mainting one man show is called administration

  2. Tahir Alyana said:

    Shame on Shareef bothers, their days are numbered. These looters will be eliminated , Inshallah, by the will of the people of pakistan.

    PTI and Imran Khan is the destiny of this nation. Inshallah we will bring him into power and he is the man who can complete the broader agenda of Muhammad Ali Jinnah i.e to make pakistan a modern and progressive country. Imarn Khan has all the traits that we find in the personality of great Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a man who created pakistan by the force of his indomitable will. Inshallah Imran Khan will prove himself an able follower of Jinnah.
    Long live pakistan,
    long live Imran Khan

  3. ahmed said:

    lol. some lucky people cleared their obsolete Pentium D stock and made profit

    • Burhan said:

      not much because they must have given major share to so called khadim e aala

  4. shahidanwar said:

    The way the CM Punjab operates in hasty, impulsive and personalized manner such things are always likely notwithstanding the "pious" intentions!

    • Hasan nader said:

      This is not the only case of corruption in Punjab, it is just what came on the media. Land scam, sasti roti, laptop, and if u look at past records of Sharif they r founder of mega corruption, like Motorway(65 billion), yellowcabs( 50 billion), Privatization of ZailPak cement, privatization of MCB, they know how to corrupt money and biggest corrupt political mafia.

  5. Khan said:

    The honourable chief justice of Pakistan should take notice of it.

    • ZahirRana said:

      What honorable. You trying to cover up his corrupt practices. Sharif brothers are master mind in corruption, and they hv long historical record in mega scams. Why CM will take notice. He must be involved in this corruption becoz laptop scheme is under his direct supervision, and he must hv link with the firm.

      • Hafeez said:

        Idiot he was using honorable to CJ of Pakistan not for CM of Punjab. Andhay ho jatay hain mukhalfit main log.

  6. KAMRAN said:

    Does it surprise anybody? Media needs to hound sharif brothers and push them to answer questions about their wealth. They are corrupt cowards who have never given any answers or plan of action to overcome the country's problems. They are only obsessed with money and Musharraf. Their daughter was having sex with nawaz's ADC in the prime minister's house and it did not bother him. It goes to show the kind of people they are.

    • Imranimu said:

      Dude come one, lets not go down there. We all know it, but we should not get personal. Lets stick to their corruption and that's it. We are much better than that.. plus, we dont know what if that actually happened or not, its speculation right? As being a good muslim, dont spread rumours. And I am a PTI supporter.. a.k.a
      PTI Troll!

        • KAMRAN said:

          You guys are right. I shouldn't go there. Its just that it is so frustrating because I have known this family for years and I know how they are and how they operate. I'll try to stick to corruption only.

  7. owais said:

    Print or electronic media doesnt appreciate the laptop distribution by measuring the benefits of laptops for the youth .Through laptops access to education would be much more easier as those government university students who cannot afford computers at home will now be able to get access to the information world in their homes. Media and the world unfortunately sees half of the glass empty always and remember no person or system is perfect. I salute Mian shahbaz sharif for distributing laptops and Inshallah more laptops would be distributed as far as I know.

  8. A.Rahman said:

    yes good i also appreciate such type of steps from anyone in the government and it must be continued and as for as corruption is concerned so it may not be involved in this case.we should take it positively.

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