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Nofel Izz launches new album

Nofel Izz, A 36 year old Canadian singer released his first album in Karachi. This exciting and fun-filled event was very well organised with lots of celebrities present and music lovers jostling to get a better view of the charmer Izz. Nofel’s first album by the name of ‘Saiyaan’ on February 17th, 2012 was in the pursuit of following his innate desire to become a singer someday since childhood. He’s a great inspiration for all the youngsters out there who believe in their dreams and reach out for their goals despite all odds. Nofel is in the process of going to India and collaborating with Indian director to explore his future prospects as he has already signed up with BMG Crescendo of India.
The album begins with a sensational number titled ‘Chuloon Aasman’. The song was shot in Dubai with Meenakshi Dixit and Nofel Izz. The song ‘Tere Naam’ sang by Nofel a year ago in Dubai was aimed promoting Indo-Pak peace and harmony through the medium of an inspirational song. ‘Tum jo milay’ is a song describing one’s adoration for their lady love upon meeting her for the first time after falling in love. It depicts height of being in love when looses the sense of their surroundings and are mesmerised by their lover’s existence. All the funds raised from this album and any shows performed by Nofel in Pakistan will be given to Edhi Foundation.