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Nawaz says all ills sprang up in Musharraf era

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said all the problems currently besetting Pakistan were generated during the era of Former President General (rtd.) Pervez Musharraf.
Addressing Istehkam-e-Pakistan Conference (Stability of Pakistan Conference) held at Jamia Naeemia here, he said he never capitulated to any foreign pressure whatsoever; but, Musharraf gave in at the very first call from the US.
There were, Nawaz noted, no missile attacks on Pak soil during the PML-N’s terms; nor were there any suicide attacks in the country, adding, but, these terrorist phenomena came to the fore during Musharraf era.
‘In my tenure, Indian premier Vajpai came to Pakistan on board a bus,’ he added.

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  1. Shahid Kureshi said:

    Time and again this man proves to a an idiot divorced from reality.

  2. A Reader [email protected] said:

    Unfortunately Mr Sharif is most horribly trapped in a certain mind frame which is his unceremonial ouster by a coup-de-tat in October 1998.

    Mr Sharif continues to think, visualize and make vital political decision in that particular frame of mind which is damaging for him and his party; on a broader scale this is not at all good for Pakistan.

    What Mr Sharif has miserably failed to reflect on how and why he made those decisions which led to a situation arising in October 1998. Failure of this reflective process has persisted and the same mistakes continue to be made.

  3. adeel said:

    Thats why all Musharraf friend are joining PML-N.

  4. Hamid Khan said:

    Mr. Nawaz Sharif has obsession with Musharaf. He is not here any here. Why Nawaz keeps on harping and blaming him. Nawaz is mentally blocked and therefore you cannot expect sane and rationale decisions even he somehow comes in power. He has a sick mindset. Nation should not trust him.

  5. Umair Qayyum said:

    This man ran to saudia when ills started springing out for 8 years and now sitting with ppp for 3 years in government Nawaz saying again a stupid sentence about Musharraf era…… Please answer what did they both pmln and ppp do to make those ills nullify???? They are dumbs to answer it….

  6. Naveed said:

    All the problems and ills of Pakistan started springing up the day this idiot was born and will continue until he goes back from where he came.

  7. Pakistani said:

    The leader of PML-N,the leader of opposition in NA, again PML-N.Guess what is the difference between the two.Ans:One got hair implant while the other wears a toupee.

  8. Aminullah Chaudry said:

    A list of those joining PML(N) sounds like a Mushrraf's whose-who. Marvi Memon, Amir Muqam, Lt Gen Qadir Baluch all served Musharraf loyally. What does NS say to this assertion?

  9. ishrat salim said:

    what did PML n give this country even though they came to power with absolute power ? except motorway……

  10. KAMRAN said:

    nawaz needs counseling. There are people who can help him get over his fear of Musharraf. nawaz put Musharraf incharge of the army. nawaz is bad mounthing Musharraf now which only tell me that he is critisizing his own decision. If nawaz in not capable of making a good decision about the defense of the country, the can we trust him with anything else? This weasel made a deal with Musharraf and then sat in the holy land of Saudia and lied thru his teeth about making a deal. If he can sit there and lie, he can definately lie about everything else.

    • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

      Now let us not be too harsh on him! He is after all the grand old man of Pakistani politics. He is allowed to reflect about how green was his valley before Musharraf made it dry. Now he sits on his chair and sees the future sail by him.Like any old man he comes as a santa claus bearing lapptops. It is surprising people still believe in him.
      There is still life in him. Can i have a lapptop too?

  11. Mubeen said:

    To nawaz sharif sahib ap Saudi govt se na agreement krtay na "10 years No participation in politics" krtay fight phir…8 year koi political statement nhi ayi apki janab..WHY???? qoum ko ap ny bhi hisaab dena hai not just Musharraf

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