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PCRET to install 368 biogas plants in rural areas

Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) will install 368 Biogas plants in different rural areas by the June 2012 under the project “Development and Promotion of Biogas Technology for meeting domestic fuel needs of rural areas and production of Biocfertilizer”.
This project was launched in 2008 through which 2500 family size Biogas plants are to be installed in the country, out of these 2132 plants have been installed and the remaining will be installed by end of financial year 2011-12. Biogas plant is a device used for converting fermentable organic matter, particularly cattle dung, into a combustible gas (Biogas) and fully matured and enriched organic fertilizer.
A typical biogas plant consists of a digester where the anaerobic fermentation takes place, a gasholder for collecting the biogas, the acinput-output units for feeding the influent and storing the effluent respectively, and a gas distribution system.
Giving further details, Deputy Director PCRET, Sarfraz Khattak said as per livestock census 2000, there are 46.69 million of animals (Buffaloes, Cows, Bullocks) in Pakistan.
In the year 2002-03, the domestic live stock population was estimated at 23.3 million cattle, 24.8 million buffalo, 24.6 million sheep and 52.8 million goats.
He said on the average, the daily dung dropping of a medium size animal is estimated at 10 Kg/per day. This would yield a total of 466.9 million Kg dung per day. Assuming 50% collectability, the availability of fresh dung comes to be 233.45 million Kg/ per day. Thus, 11.67 Million M3 biogas per day can be produced through biocmethanation, he maintained.
Since 0.4 M3 gas could suffice the cooking needs of a person per day, therefore 11.67 million M3 of biogas could meet the cooking needs of 29.2 million peoples. The total population of Pakistan is about 170 million, out of which 70% reside in the rural areas.
“We can meet about 30% cooking requirements of the rural masses from this source of energy (biogas) alone.
Besides, producing 33.52 million Kg of biocfertilizer per day or 18.6 million tons of biocfertilizer per year, which is an essential requirement for sustaining the fertility of agricultural lands”, said Sarfraz Khattak.
Giving details, Deputy Director PCRET said average family in Pakistan consists upon 5-7 members. As per survey, the consumption of various kind of conventional fuel for cooking purpose includes Wood 27.93 Kg/ day, Animal dung 61.66 Kg/day , Charcoal 8.1 Kg/day,Kerosene oil 3.1 Lt/day, L.P.G 1.5 Kg/day ,electricity 25 KWh/day.
Deputy Director PCRET said a family size Biogas plant (5 M3) save annually 10056Kg wood or 22200 Kg animal dung or 2940 Kg charcoal or 1104 lit kerosene oil or 540 kg L.P.G or 9000 Kwh electricity. Sarfraz Khattak said completion of this project will help protection of forests, protection of environment and bio diversity, provision of soot-free fuel to meet domestic energy needs, provision of neat and clean atmosphere, protection from eye-cataracts and respiratory diseases and also provision of Bio-fertilizer, which is direly needed for the improvement andsustenance of fertility of agri lands.

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    I m looking to make bio gas plant, pls help me if some one knows about PCRET depatment in lahore. thanks

  3. mohammad nawaz akhtar said:

    I m looking to make bio gas plant, pls help me if some one knows about PCRET depatment in lahore. thanks

  4. iftikharuddin said:

    I am interested to have bio gas plant at my farm house,i am looking for dealers to develop/install plant .

    • Rizwan said:

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  5. M.S.Raja said:

    Head Office (Islamabad)

    Shaheen Raja

    Director General

    Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies

    No. 25, H-9, Islamabad – Pakistan

    Phone: 0092-51-9258228
    Fax: 0092-51-9258229

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Office Contact:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    PABX: 0092-51-9258230-31, 9257473-74

    PCRET Regional Office
    Regional Office,
    6 km off Main Raiwind Road
    Thoker Niaz Baig, Lahore.
    Phone: 042 5321782
    Fax: 042 5321783

    PCRET Field Office
    House 102-F,
    Block No. 5, Chandani Chowk
    Satellite Town, Quetta
    Phone/Fax: 081-2443205

    PCRET Field Office
    18/B, Phase 5, Hayatabad,
    Behind PDA Office, Peshawar
    Phone: 091 9217367
    Fax: 091 9217368

    PCRET, Regional Office
    St. No. 10-A, Block 4
    Gulshan-e- Iqbal,
    KDA Scheme No 24, Karachi
    Phone/Fax: 021-9243786

  6. parshotam said:

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    • Ashique Ali said:

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  12. enerzea said:

    Biogas is a renewable source of natural gas generated from the anaerobic digestion of waste materials in municipal landfills, waste water treatment plants and anaerobic digesters processing agricultural and industrial organic wastes.

  13. Sanaullah said:

    I want biogas plant for 2 kva generator start give me breaf instructions and cost of complete eraction.

  14. TARIQ HAFEEZ said:

    I want to create a green farm house. All the energy requirements of the house should be met through biomass plant . electricity needed at 6 kilowatt per hour and domestic gas for cooking . How many animals will be needed in case it uses animal dung. How much rick husk is needed. I want to hv a detailed guidelines , with technology, operational process.

  15. Muhammad khan said:

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