Floods cost Sindh govt Rs 45bn outside budget, says Marri | Pakistan Today

Floods cost Sindh govt Rs 45bn outside budget, says Marri

Terming the two floods in the Sindh as an exceptional challenge for the province, Information Minister Shazia Marri said on Monday that the natural calamities made her government spend over Rs 45 billion outside the budget. “Regardless of this, the Sindh government is continuing to prioritise development projects like Thar coal, rehabilitation and construction of roads network, grant of land to landless farmers, clean drinking water plants, small business opportunities through Sindh Waseela-e-Haq programme and distribution of 3,000 rickshaws, incentives to farmers resulting in enhanced yields of major crops, particularly wheat and so much more,” she added. She said due to democracy and greater reconciliation in the country, provincial autonomy has been achieved as envisioned in the Constitution of 1973. “It is only today that provinces have got their rights and their voices are being heard,” she added. Marri said Sindh’s justified demands have been accepted after the 18th Amendment and the long-awaited and hard-won NFC Award with a multiple-factor formula.  “Today there’s no fighting over the KBD project, no Baloch being threatened of consequences, Pakhtuns not being deprived of their identity and the suffering of masses in southern Punjab is being realised,” she observed. Marri expressed grief over the tragic demise of acid attack survivor Fakhra Younus, who suffered extreme brutality at the hands of a nefarious mindset. “Fakhra must get justice and no one should be allowed to get away after committing such brutality,” she said. The minister said the women of Pakistan are on the path of empowerment and the legislation addressing atrocities against women will only serve to enhance this empowerment.

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