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Pakistan Today felicitates Nazir Naji

Pakistan Today felicitates its columnist and contributor Nazir Naji on being honoured by the President of Pakistan with Hilal-e-Imtiaz. The award given to him on 23 March, 2012 is an acknowledgement of his bold, dedicated and tireless services to journalism in Pakistan. We wish him all the best in the future as well.

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  1. Ahad Alvi said:

    Congrats to Naji and Meera for their awards. Both deserve it. Both are educated intellectuals in their own fields

  2. saeed said:

    Come one..for god sake….each an every person knows why this award is given to naji….he is the one person in media whom every one knows how corrupt he is..he got the award because he did not criticized the government instead he criticized PTI and IK….and that is only till PTI is not in power…once PTI will be in power this guy will sing songs of PTI and IK..the true opportunist and a black sheep of media….I am ashamed to be called Pakistani once I see this kind of things happening in my country…my heart burnss…

  3. observer from UK said:

    Congratulations to Mr Naji who is a senior and seasoned journalist but I wish he could see Altaf Hussain of MQM from the angle of those who live in province of Sindh and who have suffered tremendously at his(Altaf's) hands while sitting from London. If Mr Naji thinks Altaf Hussain has matured into a seasoned politician or a statesman as he thought of him at one point of time then he is sadly mistaken.

  4. Mohsin said:

    Congratulations for being on the payroll. It helps…

  5. Shahzad said:

    It pays to be on the right side of those in power, you get national rewards, can buy a Merc and violate laws, yet get away with it. It is unfair of this regime to have forgotten Veena Malik, having rewarded other talents like Naji, Meera, Rahman Malik etc etc.

  6. General Truth said:

    @ saeed

    I agree to the substance of what you have but not its tone. I have been reading him regularly, and I remember the time he was all praise for the sharifs, then the chaudaries and now zardari. but let’s not forget he has every right to do so:
    1) he has the right to change his opinions or loyalties.
    2) he has the right to use his ability, knowledge and experience to do business and support his family and himself.
    3) his column are almost always logical, and gives readers food for thought even though he might be called a devil’s advocate.

    he is an elder. you owe him an apology.

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