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Operation against stray dogs demanded

A large number of stray dogs in Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) areas have become a constant trouble for the residents as authorities concerned have yet to take measures to eliminate them.
Incidents of dog bite are also increasing in Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) areas due to non initiation of any operation against the stray dogs by the concerned quarters.
Residents of the area particularly the children, women and aged persons can not go outside their homes even in day time. The dogs can be seen on roads and streets of RCB areas, particularly Allama Iqbal Colony, Tench Bhatta, Dhok Seydian, Kiani Road, RA Bazaar and several other RCB localities.
The residents of RCB while talking to APP said that they are not only scared to walk on the roads and streets but many of us are not letting their children play outside.
“The number of stray dogs in our area is increasing rapidly for the last several months”, said Tariq a Peoples Colony resident. He said there seemed no proper planning to purge the area of these stray dogs.
Faha, resident of Kiani Road said she feared the dogs ever since she had been attacked on night. “I keep my doors locked at all times and never allow my children to go out for playing,” she said.
“The dogs are usually seen around garbage heaps during the day, while they wandering on roads and streets at night”, said another resident. He said the dogs usually moved in small groups and became violent when they came across pedestrians.
The stray dogs come out on to the streets mostly later in the evening and attack the citizens, said Altaf, a resident of Dhoke Seydian. He said that in the past the concerned authorities had been taking action for eliminating stray dogs, but still a large number of dogs could be seen wandering around the locality.
Now, it has become a serious problem for the residents for which appropriate action should be taken by the authorities concerned of RCB, remarked another person.

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