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Sharif brothers hoodwinking people by distributing laptops, says Shazia Marri

The Sharif brothers are fooling the people by distributing laptops but the people are clever and know who is responsible for introducing the Kalashnikov and drugs culture in the country, said Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri.
Speaking at a press conference in her office on Saturday, the minister criticised the PML-N leadership for hoodwinking the people of the country by making false claims and baselessly criticising the government and the PPP leadership.
Marri said the PML-N leadership initially plundered public money and later fled from the country leaving behind the people in tough times of military dictatorship. “The leadership of PPP, however, remained in jails and people know whose leadership and workers had to bear the difficulties of prisons and who resisted Musharraf,” she added.
Dispelling the impression that action against extortionists and criminals was one-sided and limited to Lyari only, she said the operation would be extended to other parts of the city whenever needed. “President Asif Ali Zardari has issued clear instructions that indiscriminate action be taken against criminals,” she said.
The minister said that the action had been initiated from Lyari, which is no doubt a stronghold of the ruling PPP. However, it will also be extended to other areas of the city wherever criminals are found. “All peaceful citizens of Lyari also want action against criminals,” she said.
Marri said that extortion is an old problem being faced by the citizens of Karachi for the past several years. “It is the present government that has launched action against them.
She appealed to all the political parties to join hands to curb the menace of extortion in the city. The provincial information minister made clear that no injustice will be made with any citizen during the ongoing action against criminals. “The ruling PPP has always raised voice whenever innocent people were affected in the past,” she said. “The government wants to eliminate practice of extortion from the city.”
Marri also spoke about the PPP-led government’s performance and achievements during its four-year tenure, from providing basic facilities to people to strengthening of Parliament.

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