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So what’s up with the economic uplift plan?

There is an emergent need for constituting a think-tank with the public-private partnership to evolve strategies for economic development of the country, the ICCI President, Yassar Sakhi Butt said Saturday.
Addressing a function to mark 72nd Pakistan Day, he said the Government through continued dialogue process with the participation of public and private sector representatives, must evolve concrete solutions for sustainable development.
He was of the view that the business community and the general public have gone under great stress due to shortage and acceleration of prices of electricity, gas and petroleum products, whereas sky rocketing prices of daily use items have made life of the common man miserable. At this critical situation, the government should react fast to save the country from going into more troubles and should start a thorough consultation process with all stakeholders, he maintained.
Yassar Sakhi Butt said that through formation of think-tank with public private partnership, solution of a number of problems could be found. He said that researchers, chamber’s representatives, academia representatives and policy makers must be part of it, which should meet on regular basis to achieve the given tasks.
He said that Government should learn lesson, specifically from China, which as per available figures is expecting to become the world largest economy by 2018. On contrary, our economy was showing unstable trends after even 66 years of its independence, he added. ICCI President said that the current business environment presents a depressing outlook and has stopped the process of industrialization and investments in many sectors. Government must develop strong coordination with a businessman to boost up their moral and confidence, announcing and implementing a sustainable and long term policies, he stressed. He said that Islamabad Chamber has developed its own think tank, which is working on core issues of national importance to give concrete solution to the government.

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