Lyari remains tense as mob continue protest

Lyrai remained tense on Saturday as clashes between the police and residents were continued while the police vans were attacked with petrol bombs.
The tension started after the law enforcers launch operation against criminal elements here in Lyari area.
The protestors broke the windows of police vehicles and pelted petrol bomb upon them. Markets were closed after the clashes erupted in the area. Police fired tear gas to disperse the protestors.
They raised slogans against police amid severe clashes with security men. Police fired tear gas shells and baton-charged the unruly mobs. One person was injured in crossfire. Heavy contingents were called to restore law and order in the area.

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  1. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    Lots of congratulation on this impossible victory.not only to our team butalso to the whole nation_bloodshedding and killings of innocent people of Lyari innocent citizens for nothing.Instead of solving their probels,the ppp government is using armed forces on the people without any provocation.Zardari and his company must stop ruling pakistan any more,as they are unfit to govern this country.but they are very greedy for powers and only death can stop them..We the people of Punjab condemn this act of barbaism and request the claimer of so-called democracy to quit the government.

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