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Russia warns over new US draft on Syria

Russia believes that a new UN Security Council resolution on Syria reportedly being drafted by the United States is not balanced, the country’s deputy foreign minister said.
The “new US draft of the UNSC resolution on Syria is a slightly modified version of the last vetoed document. It should be substantially balanced,” Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov wrote on his Twitter account late Monday.
Diplomats said last week that Washington was drawing up a new draft resolution demanding humanitarian access to Syrian cities where thousands have been killed.
If put to a vote, it would be the third time Western nations have tried to get a Security Council resolution on the Syria crisis, after two previous attempts were vetoed by Russia and China.
The US said Monday it hoped Moscow would turn its attention to Syria and push for humanitarian relief there now that Russia’s presidential elections are over.
“We’re hoping for some fresh attention to the tragedy in Syria now that the elections are passed,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.
“And our hope is that now that these elections are behind them that they will join all of us in doing more to push for humanitarian relief for the people of Homs and the people throughout Syria,” she said.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed frustration last week with Russia’s “troubling” failure to produce an aid plan for Syria, despite its influence with President Bashar al-Assad.

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  1. kafantaris said:

    Watching from afar day after day a brutal regime kill its people with impunity, so that it may stay in power, makes an accomplice of us all.
    History will not be kind.
    Senator McCain is right. The World has sat this out too long.
    The time to act on Syria is now — and we may be too late already.

    • Anon said:

      You are part of McCain's campaign. Don't try to fool us again. We know these american war mongers and how they play…

  2. @MuhammadYounusB said:

    Ameica is disturbing the international peace in the whole world where as Russia and China are peaceloving and humanloving countries in the world.America must improve its policies of intereference and double policies,a time will come when america will be left alone in the world due to its negative attitudes.Russia and China must come forward and fulfil their international resposibilities now.they will be welcome back with open arms.Peaceloving nations will appreciate them.

  3. Ch Umair said:

    we dont want syria to become another Libya, US stop funding and supporting insurgents

  4. khan said:

    usa does it everywhere, Balochistan,libya,syris,Yemen, and tried to support one group inside iran and close to the border of balochistan

  5. khan said:

    but Bashar al Assad is not a good man Either, in 40 years what he has done for his poor people? supressing people with fist is not good either.

    • Anon said:

      How do you know that he did not do more than McCain or Obama? If you were keeping yourself posted, you should have seen that the opposition is coming from more limited, affluent and west-connected areas…

      And then figure out what you are suggesting for the Baluch people by your own logic…

  6. Neatt said:

    America recently and publicly anounced that it will soon RESUME arms shipments to the rebels (so-called opposition) in Syria. That means they have done it before. Now they are lambasting Russia for sending arms to the Syrian government forces, whose duty is to protect civilians and the territory of Syria against insurgents armed by America. Americans are downright crazy. Not once has America called on the rebels to lay down their (American) arms! Every killing/atrocity is blamed on the Syrian government, never on the rebels. It is very clear for everyone to see what is going on there. Russia, please continue the good path of preventing yet another country from being overrun by the hypocritical intentions of western interventonists.

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