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PTI to resolve peoples’ problems: Aleem

Leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Abdul Aleem Khan has said both PPP and PML((N) have completely failed to deliver and the nation wants a positive change.
Addressing the workers’ convention in the constituency NA-127 he said that the rulers did nothing for the betterment of the people and now everyone is looking forward towards Imran Khan to bring a change in the country.
He said that prices of gas, patrol and electricity are now beyond the reach of common man. He hoped that youth would use the power of vote to change the rotten system in the country and PTI, after coming into power, would solve all the problems, which the people faced for last 60 years.
Other speakers Abdul Karim, Ashfaq Baloch, Javed Bhatti and Chaudhary Mohammad Riaz said that no hurdle could stop Tehrik-e-Insaf to get single largest majority in the next general elections.

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    • Shane said:

      I dun understand..we Pakistanis dun deserve better??when we go abroad, we excel but we are in the dumps in our own country..this means that the system is not letting us go up…the people have the will just the system has to be changed..& with IK's record, we have a chance. be positive, we can all make Pakistan a heaven for the world InshaAllah…& if you do not dream, how would you know what to achieve. be positive bro 🙂

    • Lahori said:

      at least he is dreaming while idiots like you can't even see the reality in front of you. The country and its people are suffering and junkies like you have their heads in the sand…Use your common sense and leash your ignorance..At least you can do this

  1. Coolbreeze said:

    Difficult time for PTI: educated youth may not get impressed with hollow slogans by such land mafia Don

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