Falcons released in Kallar Kahar

Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department and Falcon Foundation International Pakistan jointly released 13 Saker and Peregrine falcons back to nature in the Kallar Kahar region. These falcons had been confiscated at Lahore International Airport in November 2011 during an attempt to smuggle the birds abroad on an international flight. Both falcons are listed on Appendix I and II of CITES, being threatened with extinction.
These powerful hunting birds were confined to Lahore Zoo where Falcon Foundation International Pakistan provided expert care until disposal of legal proceedings. After three months, the court allowed Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department to release the birds. Falcon Foundation tagged the birds with rings and implanted micro-chips in the breast region of each falcon giving them positive identification. The micro-chips can be identified by a scanner, which the Foundation recommends that every airport and country exit should possess, to guard against replacement of birds.


  1. A Reader [email protected] said:

    Well done Falcon Foundation International of Pakistan.

    Before this the documentary on snow leopard by, Nisar Malik, a Pakistani presenter for BBC Natural History production was an Oscar winning documentary

    The British School of Falconry in Gleneagles in Scotland (Gleneagles Hotels) has done an excellent work in raising awareness.

  2. waqar said:

    Ok Now tell the CJP to release the criminals who captured them..

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