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Brig Ali planned GHQ attack to takeover civilian control

Brigadier Ali Khan, who is currently facing court martial, planned to spread mutiny against the government by attacking the army’s General Headquarters (GHQ) with the support of militant group Hizb-ul-Tahreer. Major Suhail, defence counsel witness, in his written statement before a military court, said that Brigadier Ali had hatched a conspiracy with an air force pilot who flies F-16 aircraft, and planned to attack the GHQ during a meeting of corps commanders. Through these covert actions they wanted to overpower the civilian and military top brass, he stated.
A report appearing on BBC Urdu webpage said that during a meeting with the members of Hizb-ul-Tahreer, the brigadier drew circles on a paper to highlight his plan, and told them that with the support of three to four hundred armed men, they could take control of the government. He also told them to head the mutiny, according to witness accounts who further claimed that he was also confided by these people that the GHQ in Rawalpindi would be targeted with an F-16 jet to be flown from a nearby air strip. They had further plans to attack US bases inside Pakistan and Black Water’s locations, the witness said. Major Suhail Akbar also admitted that during last seven years, he had been in contact with Hizb people. Brigadier Ali also claimed to have succeeded in getting support from Triple One Brigade and certain generals. Giving reasons for his refusal to join the secret plans, Major Suhail said that he did not personally like violence.

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  1. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    i would have thought such sensitive matters pertaining to the national security threat posed by a senior military officer was a matter for the military court to decide in cammera. Plots by disgruntled officers are nothing new but their media coverage is new. Do we want to encourage more such acts. ? The best way to avoid this is this not give such acts publicity ,Are the armed forces so infiltrated by religious zealots. I know as a doctor when you give too much publicity to people who commit suicide copy acts always follow. Please do not publish photos of the officer concerned.

  2. Nawaz Kiani said:

    Its not stone age. Even in USA, CIA top officials face open trial. everyone knows about war crime committed by marines in Afghanistan specially in Iraq. They should be hanged to make an example.

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