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Toothless tiger, flailing tsunami and everything in between

After the by-polls with PPP and PML (N) leading from the front once again, it is now quite safe to say that nothing will stand much different even after the next parliamentary elections while those predicting a tsunami of change are living in fool’s paradise. Intriguingly, after surviving perilously close to the death-bed for the last four years with media not even allowing some breathing space to those placed in the echelons of power, suddenly things seem to be getting easier for the PPP government and President Zardari. One indication that good days are ahead for the PPP is that all of a sudden all the fuss about an early election to see the back of the PPP has disappeared or taken a back seat.
More intriguingly, the PML (N) if one lends an ear to the opposition leader’s talk in the city is ready to cut deals with the PPP for the sake of the ‘public’. The more independent political circles, also shared by the opposition, are abuzz that the status quo would remain unchanged after the general election with the supremacy of PPP and PML (N) quite assured. “At the most if change does come it will be in the shape of Nawaz replacing Gilani and nothing more” claimed a senior politician from Islamabad.
These circles do not rule out the return of the PPP coming back to power once again under the stewardship of President Zardari. But they do, however rule out any profound political change, as being espoused by the supporters of PTI. If these are calculations shared by the opposition, as it appears to be the case, then it is heartening news for the PPP that remains to be much discredited by the media and its opponents.
Already, Imran Khan seems to be down and somewhat out for the time being. The PTI no longer is considered to be a veritable threat to the main political parties like PPP and PML (N) as it was a couple of months back when Imran managed to attract staggering numbers at his rallies in Lahore, Karachi and other cities. His path-breaking Minar-i-Pakistan public meeting which catapulted him right in the heart of national politics as a force to be reckoned was painted as a game-changing event by almost every one. Desperation prevailed in the PML (N) leadership following the event at Minar-e-Pakistan.
But then Imran failed to keep up the good work and sooner than later people learnt that probably electoral politics and wherewithal it required are not Imran Khan’s cup of tea. He is yet to prove that he could raise a party that could contest elections nation-wide, and from all the constituencies as is the case of parties like the PPP. The PML (N) too has not been able to assert itself outside the Punjab. The Senate elections provides the complete picture of PML (N)’s growing isolation shunned even by its once natural allies like JI or Jamaat-Ahle-Sunnat. So the PML (N) has no representation in the upper house from Sindh or NWFP or Balochistan, unlike the PPP which has a support base intact everywhere.
Even in Punjab where the elections will decide the fate of the country in the coming months, the PML (N) would not be able to stay unscathed facing a real threat from Imran Khan and the PML-Q-PPP alliance with the JI and other urban parties like Sunnih Itehad also chipping away at its vote bank. However, you still cannot rule out the popularity of the PML (N) if you talk to the common man in many districts of Punjab.
The PPP leaders are upbeat after the by-polls. The political analysts already are painting a much rosier picture for the PPP from now onwards saying the PPP along with its allies ANP, MQM and PML (Q) is all set to be an important political player in the next parliament, leading in the Senate already. The PPP held its ground, maintained unity in its ranks despite multiple crises that hit the ruling party from time to time. Its survival instincts and positive approach have earned it a lot of good will from the other political forces in the country with the potential to tip the balance of power in favour of any new political set up in future.
Knowledgeable sources disclosed that that in coming days the PPP would do everything to boost its image in its remaining days in power. “It seems that good days are ahead for the PPP after seeing all the bad ones” claimed one senior leader from Islamabad. Sources revealed that PPP government after Senate election would go for a spending splurge in the development sector. It also has plans ready to overcome the energy crisis in the country.

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  1. Imran M. Siddiqui said:

    If PPPP actually thinks that good days are ahead then they live in a fool's paradise.

    PTI didn't take part in by-elections because PTI didn't wanted to disclose it's strength before the general elections.

    For the last few days Imran Khan has been campaigning in rural Punjab and the response has been enormous, just check the news channels and you will see the trust people have started to show in PTI.

    Israr Shah has joined PTI and left behind his forty plus years of affiliation with the PPPP. In coming days there will be many Israr Shahs.

  2. Vasi said:

    Firstly, given that the next general elections would be genuinely free & fair, if this scenario comes about, where the status quo remains and the two major topi drama political parties are again part of the power game, then it’ll be a huge tragedy for the country and its future! Sincerely hope that Imran/PTI are able to perform significantly in the next polls, Insha Allah, and enable positively tangible change for the better, of the country’s future.

  3. NO BS said:

    Kudos to PTI for taking another principled stance, no point being a part of this fake degree, bogus vote sham parliament. Once again you make us the people of Pakistan proud

  4. rizwan said:

    If PPP and PML want to live in ahmekoo ki janat so its there choice,PTI will rocks in general elections, Insha ALLAH.

  5. Hammad said:

    This author of this article is HIGH…..PTI has growing stronger and stronger each day. Let the General Elections come and see. Imran khan will prevail as our leader, INSHALLAH!!!!!!

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