Red warrant issued to Interpol for Musharraf’s arrest

The Interior Ministry on Wednesday issued a red warrant to Interpol’s headquarters for the arrest of former President Pervez Musharraf on the orders of Anti-terrorism court-I, Rawalpindi in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case. The warrant read that Musharraf should be brought back to Pakistan in order to carry out proceedings against him in the murder probe. The investigation officer of the murder probe, Federal Investigation Agency Deputy Director Khalid Rasool, had forwarded the arrest documents to the Interior Ministry, which moved it to the relevant authority of Interpol in Pakistan. Copies of the statements given by the then director-general of Counter Intelligence wing of ISI, Javed Iqbal Cheema, and former director-general of Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan Ejaz Shah have also been sent to Interpol. The warrant has been sent via e-mail and through post to Interpol headquarters.

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  1. Raja Omar said:

    I dont get it let him be the country has enough problems as it is why not sort them out rather than go after some has bin politician

  2. Syed Nawaz said:

    Why don’t the Govt. arrest corrupt PPP/PMLN/PMLQ leaders instead of following a Patriot Pakistani?

    It is also a joke, PPP is issuing warrant against Musharraf and sitting in Govt. with PMLQ!!!

    • @Waqar_Muhd said:

      agreed !! and it will not work. another NRO type act will bring Mush back to the door of Power most probaliby in small scale.

  3. aneeque said:

    ""Pakistan Peoples Party-led government never said that it would not take action against Musharraf"" — HAHAHAHahahahaha – Whats the point then :p lolz

    • Anon said:

      i can see how kayani would find mush a political liability of the brass.

      his days have fallen…

  4. Well Wisher said:

    It is foolish for the Government, first, to send him off with pomp and glory and then to issue red warrant for his arrest on the basis of a BB statement that was obviously made prior to his pompous departure.If BB's statement was the Gospel truth, then others in the land are also available on the same ground for detention.Some of them are even Zardari's partners in the Government. This is not only shameful act but a dastardly one to please Nawaz Sharif who is the real person behind Zardari's throne.

  5. Ashfaq Ahmed, konodas said:

    Now Rehman Baba and Co, is planing for next term musharaf is not a bad choice…..

  6. Khalil said:

    It is time to punish Musharraf to save Pakistan. He is responsible for the brutalities in Baluchistan, killing of Bughti, protecting rapists of Dr Shazia Khalid and thousands handed over for bounty to foreign troops and also thousands who are missing.

    • Anon said:

      He is not relevant to any power structure now or in the future. A very expandable nuisance.

      So, yah, he can be put on a stake and be watched for few minutes just for fun…

  7. Kamran said:

    Compare his dictatorship to the current democracy. I would rather have him in power than any other politician that i can think off. I have no doubt about his patriotism. I can't say that for the current leaders. So what if he made a couple of mistakes. In my opinion his biggest mistake was letting nawaz out of the country alive. You know people do get killed trying to escape the country. it wouldn't have been a big deal for very long. We would have still had him as our leader instead of the present cowards.

  8. areej said:

    The only way to stop terrorism is to stop the production of IEDs.

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