US looking forward to parliament’s decision: Hogland

The US Charge d’Affaires, Richards Hogland has said that the resolution about Balochistan would not be adopted by the Congress.
He said this while talking to the media here on Sunday. He said that he had clarified to Pakistani Foreign Office about the resolution that this would not be included in the agenda of Congress. It is the brainchild of just one Congressman. US has already satisfied Pakistani government in this regard.
“US is waiting anxiously for the verdict of the parliament on the relations between both countries. America wants good working relations with Pakistan. Prime Minister Gilani has mentioned that the joint session of the parliament would be held to decided the future of Pak-US ties and we are looking for it”, he added.
Responding a question regarding tendering apology on Salala post attack, he said that he does not want to make any comment in this connection.

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