Still the terrorists

No matter what Pakistan does, the Nato and the US will always look at them with suspicion. They can’t come to the fact that Pakistan is not the terrorist here, instead it is the victim. Until this perception is changed, no change in US policy is possible.


  1. Omar Zahir said:

    This is unfair. Pakistan has paid a huge price for taking part in the US’s war. It is not our fault that the militants have switched to improvised explosive devices to spread chaos.

  2. Qasim Mehmood said:

    Terrorism is a menace. Pakistan needs to take solid measures to stop the production of improvised explosive devices to stop terrorism.

  3. Wakas Kiyani said:

    EU will be providing Pakistan with 10 robots, 10 vehicles to help us in fighting against terrorism and reduce the attacks, powered by improvised explosive devices.

  4. Zeeshan Naeem said:

    They have a point! Improvised explosive devices are lethal. Pakistani government so far has failed to stop its production.

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