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Efforts intensify to press Waheeda Shah issue

Efforts have been accelerated to knock down the disgraceful act of slapping a poling agent by PPP candidate Waheeda Shah during the polling in the constituency of Tando Mohammad Khan PS-53 on Saturday.
Waheeda Shah held a press conference with an alleged burqa-clad woman and showed that the matter has been settled down. But independent candidate from the same constituency Mushtaq Ali Talpur claimed that the woman shown in the conference was not the victimized woman.
It is pertinent to mention here that PPP candidate Waheeda Shah accused the polling agent of rigging and thrashed her in front of people.
The Provincial Election Commissioner has said that report in this regard has been received. All the records of the matter has been sought to investigate the issue, the EC said. He further added that, Secretary Election Commission would take final decision regarding Waheeda Shah’s future according to the investigative report.
Meanwhile, notices have been issued for official counting for two constituencies of PS-53 and PS-57 of Sindh Assembly.
Returning Officer would monitor counting in the constituency of Badin PS-57 on February 27 while conting for PS-57 would be held on February 28.

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  1. nationalist baloch said:

    … the wadero arrogance should be roundly condemned and made to pay for .and, soundly punished …..

    … that woman should either, publicly apologise unconditionally, or be deprived of her notification …

  2. Sajjad Ashraf said:

    IN a civilized country Waheeda Shah would be in jail by now. We need to ask ourselves: are we a a civilaized nation?

  3. Kamran said:

    If the people of Pakistan do not take a strong stand against waheeda shah for abusing a polling officer who also happens to be a teacher (one of the most respectful professions) the I would say that they deserve leaders like her. Just remember though, today its the teacher, tomorrow it could be a memebr of your family. Don't complain then.
    I would be equally disappointed in the press if they let this issue go. It would show me that they have no interest in maintaining the rule of law. They should make it a headline evey single day untill waheeda shah is declared disqualified. This one issue has implications bigger than any one realizes. Its the future course of the country.

  4. Kamran said:

    The reputation of Election Commision, Supreme Court, ppp leadership, police, media and other politicians hinges upon their reaction to this situation. Lets see who fails us and who truly has the courage to stand upto this kind of bullying.
    It will also show what kind of nation we are as a whole and wether we deserve what we have now or do we deserve better. Lets see who fullfills his duty and moral obligation.

  5. formanite said:

    god help them.
    can anyone imagine how this woman must treat her domestic help?
    the peoples party should throw this disgraceful woman out of the party.period

  6. Afatqiamat said:

    This is a TEST case for Election Commission , she did not slapped an APO , rather she actually slapped the Election Commision , what does this election commission does will decide about the future credibility of this newly formed election commision for the near future free and fair election ,… …if they are held.

  7. shahid Pervez Ch. said:

    This was not a slap on the face of an election official but the face of the Pakistani nation. After viewing the
    latest election results, I am convinced that we really deserve worst than that. Hell with this “Jamhoor” and damn this “jamhooriat”.
    kind of

  8. Kamran said:

    What a coward nation for not standing up for a poor girl. Shame on you.

    • Hakeem Kakar said:

      Agar badmash waheeda shah ko Adalat ne qanoon k mutabiq saza nahi sunahi to pakistan mai Adalat hai e nahi .sirf nam Ghareeb highi court ,Ghareeb supreemp court .jo sirf ghareebo k liye hai Lakin aik adalt khuda ka bhi hai,jis mai isi jage se pocha jayega k kya faisla kya tha tum ne ghareeb aur amir k darmian.

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