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Hrithik Roshan: Being gay is not a disease

While the home ministry made it clear that opposition did not reflect the government’s decision not to take sides on gay sex, gay icon Hrithik Roshan is not ready to sit on the fence. He speaks out against discrimination and more. “Discrimination against homosexuals is exactly that – discrimination. And ANY form of discrimination is WRONG. It’s taken us hundreds of years to evolve as a society and realize how ridiculous and preposterous discrimination against race/caste is. How many more years is it going to take us to be mature enough and learn to accept individual sexual inclination? Perhaps the starting point is to understand that homosexuality is NOT a matter of choice.” “You cannot choose to be gay just because your friends are or vice versa. You cannot force someone to be attracted to someone they are not attracted to. It is perhaps genetically encoded. One is basically hardwired to be or not be attracted to the same sex. Which means it is a part of your genetic characteristic. You are born that way. Which means it is a part of and in alignment with the delicate balance of all the nature around us. Also it has existed since the evolution of man, so how can something that is part of nature and has existed forever be considered immoral beats me!” “I can’t even imagine the extent of mental confusion and frustration inflicted on a young mind that is trying to grasp why he is made different and “not normal” (in terms of the world’s perception). Being gay is NOT a disease we need to fear! It’s ridiculous that there are people trying to stop it from spreading!

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  1. Sami said:

    I just gained a great deal of respect for Mr. Roshan. Thanks for standing up for human rights, for stating so eloquently and passionately that gay people are just a natural variation in the beauty of human diversity. Do we morally condemn left-handed people? No! (at least not anymore, thankfully). Being gay is like being left-handed. Most people in the world are right-handed, but about 10% are left-handed. It's just a variation – one that should be valued and not morally condemned. We need to end this irrational bigotry.

  2. LOPEZ said:

    It is wonderful to see someone like Mr. Roshan to make a wonderful comment about the discrimination against gay men. I agree that people will not made up themselves to be gay because it is happened naturally since people born. So, it means that we have to blame our parents???? People cannot blame themselves either to be as gay because we cannot blame anyone in this world. The only way to find solution is to accept the reality. If some people against this, he or she is perfect as a human being??? Therefore, the discrimination between gay and heterosexual have to keep out from our mind.

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