‘Harbiyar Marri to be tried for murder of Justice Nawaz Marri’ | Pakistan Today

‘Harbiyar Marri to be tried for murder of Justice Nawaz Marri’

Declaring to file a case of the murder of Justice Mohammad Nawaz Marri against Harbiyar Marri, the Baloch Youth Council London said a senior Indian diplomat had recently organised a meeting between Harbiyar Marri and Barahamdagh Bugti to remove their misunderstanding.
Addressing a meeting of the Central Council of Baloch Youth, Chairman Waja Mir Hazar Khan Baloch said during the meeting, Barahmdagh Bugti alleged that the person behind taking his grand father late Nawab Akbar Bugti to the cave was Balach Marri, brother of Harbiyar Marri. He said the cave came down due to a blast by remote control and Balach Marri was standing just outside the cave art the time.
Baloch said an officer of Indian intelligence agency RAW was also present in the meeting between the two rebel leaders.
He said the Indian diplomat and intelligence officers persuaded both Baloch leaders to reach an understanding for a bigger cause and according to their information, Harbiyar wanted full independence to form a government in exile to which Baramdagh did not agree, because he claimed that he was an international leader. Baloch added that no one paid attention to the two Baloch self-styled leaders, so why was the Pakistani media giving them undue coverage. He said they were RAW agents and were fighting the war for their survival at the cost of the Baloch nation. He said how could a person who thronged night clubs in London and spoke against Islam become their leader.
Baloch said Interior Minister Rehman Malik could not decide the destiny of the Baloch people.

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  1. KhanSahab said:

    Well done Baloch youth council for exposing both of them. We are better off then them. Government should give baloch their due rights and please dont let this Harbiyar Mari to sit above them. The media efforts are good but are in wrong direction and faning the hidden agenda of raw in Pakistan. Peace

  2. M Ali Khan said:

    Justice Nawaz Marri's family registered FIR against Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and his BLA militia for the cold blooded murder just days before Justice Marri was to be sworn in as Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court in 2002.

    BLA commander Abdul Ghani Bangulzai was arrested in connection with the murder of Justice Marri – who comes from the Bijrani-Marri tribe that have been long standing opponents of Nawab Khair Bakhsh – but he was released from jail soon after PPP Govt took over to appease separatists and nationalists.

    Abdul Ghani Bangulzai is chief commander of BLA and reports directly to Khair Bakhsh Marri and Hyrbyair Marri.

  3. nazik jatoi said:

    Baloch youth council seems to be a stooge of military establishment. I have observed that mostly people in Balochistan have respectable views for all separatist Baloch leaders.

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