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US envoy warned again over Baloch resolution

Pakistan continued to vent its anger on the introduction of a resolution in the US Congress seeking separate state for the Baloch people by summoning the US charge d` affaires for the second time on Monday warning him that it could harm bilateral relations. “Ambassador Richard Hoagland, US charge d’ affaires was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today. A strong protest was lodged with him with regard to the tabling of a resolution on Balochistan in the US Congress,” a Foreign Office statement said. “Ambassador Hoagland was told in clear terms that the move in the US Congress was contrary to the spirit of friendly relations and in violation of the principles of the United Nations Charter, international law and recognised norms of inter-state conduct,” it said. Ambassador Hoagland was asked to convey the serious concern of the government of Pakistan to the US administration.

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  1. krahim said:

    In the early 60s, both the Governor of East Pakistan and the GOC send letters to the President through normal channels that US Consul GeneraL was involved in anti state activities. Report against Mr Blood had also been given by the Intelligence Agency. It took considerable time for President Ayub Khan to decide and have the foreign office declare US Consul General in Dacca declared persona non grata. However today this President lacks the Çharacter to take concrete action. He perhaps has been warned that his fate could be that of ex-President Noriega or one of the three who were recently toppled between 2003-2011 by Uncle Sam.

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