Radio service for Pakistanis living in US launched

Radio Pakistan has launched a new service, enabling the Pakistanis living in the United States to listen to its programmes by dialing a US local number. All FM-93, FM-94, FM-101, NBS (National Broadcasting Service), the current affairs channel of Radio Pakistan programmes can now be listened to by dialing 8322800683, which is an American telephone number. The people living in the United States can either call this number from landline phones or from their mobiles.
If they are calling from mobiles and have unlimited packages, they will not be charged for this call for listening to Radio Pakistan, but if they do not have unlimited packages, they will be charged at normal rates. Radio Pakistan has streamlined its programmes over Internet, satellite and mobile phones, which can be listened to all over the world. The new service has been launched for the people who do have Internet or smart phones.

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