Power outages intensify as PSO not paid - Pakistan Today

Power outages intensify as PSO not paid

Crisis of electric power has intensified due to nonpayment of dues to PSO.
The duration of loadshedding in urban areas has become 10 hours whereas rural areas have to face power shortage for more than 14 hours.
According to the PEPCO, the power generation from IPPs and Thermal sources has become less to the dangerous extent. The main reason of shortage is nonpayment of amount worth Rs 25 billion to the PSO which is facing hurdles in the import of oil from world market.
Media reported that provision of gas to the power plants has become too short to generate proper quantity of electricity. It is deplorable to come to know that the shortfall of electric power has reached to more than 5,000 MW.
That is why National Power Control Centre is bound to shed load while throwing back the schedule of distribution companies.

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