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PML-N decides to keep distance from establishment

The PML-N has decided to part ways with the establishment in view of preparedness of general elections.
According to the sources, the party leadership issued the instructions to entire workers that if anybody found involved in touch with establishment, strict punitive action would be taken against him.
The PML-N has decided to separate from the establishment by keeping in view of its recent failures and plunging down its credibility, whereas some leaders of PML-N are continuously opposing the establishment and these leaders are demanding to restrict the role of establishment in political affairs.
The spokesman of PML-N Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan has confirmed that PML-N would not keep any kind of contact with the establishment.

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  1. Kamran said:

    Nawaz and his clowns are taking their dog and pony show on the road again. He looks like a humpty dumpty lol.

  2. Tahir Alyana said:

    Nawaz Shareef and n-league are looters of this country and pathetic leaders. Infact they dont derserve to be called leaders.

    Looters, looters and looters

  3. Javaid R. Shami said:

    Surely Kayani will miss his late night assignations with Shabaz and Nisar. How sad!

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