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CJM principal to get Sitara Quaid-e-Azam

Sister John Berchmans Conway, Karachi Convent of Jesus and Mary principal and ex-principal Lahore CJM, is being conferred Sitara Quaid-e-Azam for her services towards education and promoting interfaith harmony in Pakistan.
President Asif Ali Zardari approved conferment of Sitara Quaid-e-Azam on her after it was recommended by Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad and was endorsed by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani.
She has spent 59 years teaching young girls of all faiths from different parts of Pakistan. Under her able leadership, the institution has been providing quality education to Pakistani girls. “I still remember her smile when she welcomed me to CJM Lahore in 1992. That smile has lighted up many lives all these years,” said an ex-Conventarian.
“Sister Conway has touched the lives of countless Pakistani schoolgirls as a mentor, counsellor, friend and teacher. Her constant adherence to the call of duty has made her a living example to emulate,” the citation forwarded to the president for conferment of Sitara Quaid-e-Azam read.

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    • aliya shad khan said:

      She is such a beautiful soul,my mentor.How could I forget my first principal.The CJM,baby school,Clifton Khi,brings back fond memories.Love her for all the good work she has imparted….Hugssss

      • Huma said:

        I joined CJM, Lahore in 1976 and she took my interview for Prep. I was in school for 10 years, she left and came back again. The school was the best under her administration and also Sister Maria Cecil(spellings I am not sure of). I miss my school days a lot. I wish there was a proper website where the old students could join. Very proud to be a student of Sister Berchmans. One good thing which the president has done.

    • Afsheen said:

      with due respect Mr Muhammad Bin Naveed I would really like for you to know that being a Non Muslim teh kind of servie she has given to somany of Pakistani girls is so commendable that no other Muslim Teacher might even get near to that, and not only her there are somany other sisters who deserve much more than the Sitara-e- Quaid-e-Azam. these women are Gods gift to girls in Pakistan who have had the good fortune to be thie students. She was also teh Principal of CJM Murree BTW and the girls thier worshipped her she was amazing I am so happy for her

      • Sandy said:

        Mr. Naveed,
        Thank you so very much for all the beautiful words =truely so true.
        Thank you H.E President the Prime Minister and D.Ishratul Ibad. and the people of my country for this this honour
        God bless Pakistan the leaders of my county and the people of my country
        with health happiness and god bless

  1. Maria Jaffar said:

    Extremists??? The amount of charitable work this great lady has done …. Anyone with a brain as size of a peanut can bugger off!!!! Wake up it’s 2012!!!!!

  2. Alia Latif said:

    Sister Berchman’s character building classes are her legacy that will always shape the lives of her students!

  3. Maryah said:

    I have had the opportunity to work at CJM while she was Prinicpal, a truly inspiring and motivating personality.

  4. Mariyah Khan said:

    I have been her student for 8 years and I highly respect her for the person she was and taught us to be.

    P.S don't forget to mention her services in CJM Murree where she was the principle for many years.

    • Robin Wasti said:

      She was well deserved of this award and thanked to president Asif Zardary for recognizing her services for the uplifting the education among girls the Pakistan. I am so happy that daughter is also one of the student in Lahore CJM.

      • Mariyah Khan said:

        I'm sure sweets but because this is a public forum everyone reading this article/blog should be well aware of her services and because she has spent so many years in murree it deserves to be mentioned 🙂

  5. Palwasha Aman said:

    Love you Sister Berchmans!This Is Indeed Well-Deserved! Many Congratulations To Sister And The Whole Of The CJM Community 🙂
    And What We All Conventarians Love To Cheer At Such Occasions…Hip Hip Horrayyy!!

  6. noor kamal said:

    yaay!! sister berchmans was the BEST principal/teacher/mother ever!! CONGRATULATIONS! we love you sister!

    • mehreen said:

      She was no doubt the best teacher n a mother for us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the love she gave us is unforgettable ,i was lucky to be her student i love u sister n miss u alot!

  7. momina tariq said:

    wooh….i feel proud 2 hv been taught by u sister v LLLllluuuUUUvvVVV you… congratulations…!!!!!!

  8. zainab said:

    Congrats you deserve this , love you, the only thing is a thug like zardari shouldnt honour a great person like u maybe someone better should confer this on you.

    • eesha usman said:

      hey sara wht class r u in and whts ur ful name

  9. Anam F said:

    She took my interview test when I first joined cjm in preparatory school..still remember her making me sit on her lap and making me draw a tree for her..lovely person 🙂

  10. Nadia ali shaikh said:

    I remember when I met her at CJM Karachi for my prep school interview I hid behind my mama but her smile and quiet voice made me feel at home immediately …….love you mother berchman

  11. Fatima said:

    Honoured to have been part of cjm for 13 years and now my daughter is under the guidance of Sister Berchmans. Many congratulations! Way to go CJM!

  12. shahzadi said:

    I love her along side my grandmother for teaching me the beauty of values and love and care towards all. She always said something positive to each of us and had it not been for her, Id still be failing math:) Theres no words to describe what i feel for her but Im so thankful her light has touched me too. Am so proud to be her convertarian. She will always be the face of good for me.

  13. Rayya Gilani said:

    love you sister!! you truly deserved this 🙂
    i still remember her when she took me in prep 94′ in Lahore and then was with her in Murree CJM too at the end !! lovely lovely person 🙂 proud to be a Conventarian 🙂

  14. Kashmala Khan said:

    Definitely well deserved. I still remember the day I first met Mother Berchmans when I got my admission in '89. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you for all that you have done for us. We are all eternally grateful for your services! Congratulations and God bless you!

  15. rameesha said:

    she is an awesum lady she ws da one who admitted me cnvnt lhr….proud to b a cnventarian n hr studnt…:)__

  16. zenia hassan shah said:

    I am proud to been her student in the murree convent.a very well deserved award….May God bless you and keep you safe Sisiter Berchmens

  17. Mashal Akbar said:

    I remember that one morning when I was 9 she held my hand and said to my mother, "You can get her her tuck now". It was the day I can never forget. Thank you Sister Berchmans for making me a part of the Convent School and for all that you taught me. Today, here I am in Canada, when every second person asks me how did you learn to speak English in Pakistan? Thanks to you Sister. What I am today, I am proud to be, that's because of you Sister. You really deserve it. Congratulations and God Bless You!

  18. Haniya Tahir said:

    proud to be a conventarian! congratulations sister 🙂

  19. Afsheen Fazal said:

    Sister Burchman's was also the Principal of CJM Murree for a very long time please dont forget that. She is such a great influence on my life and many others I know, she deserves much more than the Sitara-e-Quaid-e-Azam. she is one of teh most industrious teachers I have ever come across I am so proud that I had the good fortune of being under her guidance for 3 years in Murree, we loved her each one of us. She gave us what very few teachers can, Love,care, values and true education, im soooooooooooo happy for her

  20. zainab said:

    every friday i hear sister berchmens explain to us how we should have confidence in ourselves and in others and how we should be a person with integrity, honesty and loyalty. love you sister berchmens 🙂

  21. Eric Suhail Benjamin said:

    Congrats Sister. Keep up the good work you are doing. God bless you.

  22. Faryal said:

    It's really nice to see Sr Berchmans being appreciated for her hard work. She was always respected as a principal at Lahore CJM.

  23. amna afzal class of 1986 said:

    Well deserved award for someone as lovely and inspiring as sister berchmans
    We all love you sister berchmans

  24. Uffaq Masood said:

    Love you Sister….. 🙂 i am proud to be a part of Convent Jesus & Mary Murree……

  25. Pearl Karim said:

    Congratulations Sister
    Its an honour for me to have worked under you .I still remember that crisp morning of October 1985 when you had called me for an interview at Baby school and offered me my first ever job in your prestigious institute. Today whatever i am is because of CJM.
    All the best to you & way to go 🙂

  26. Quratulain Ahmed said:

    Proud to have Mother Berthmans signature on my report cards at the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Karachi way back in KG School!

  27. Andaleeb Rizwan said:

    Congratulations to Sister Berchmans. Absolutely delighted to read this. May she be honored many times over for giving so many years of her life to educating pakistani girls. It amazes me how someone like her can spend so much of her life in a country like pakistan and here so many of us are always looking for a way out.

  28. Eram (Ghias) Aftab said:

    Just simply Love her, she is the best thing I remember from the Convent days. She was always there to boost my confidence, push me in the right direction and inspire me to work!!!

  29. aliya shad khan said:

    Love you Mother Burchmans!You showed me the way to a beautiful,healthy,successful life.I could never thank you enough! <3

  30. Shahnaz Raja said:

    Sister Berchmens was also a principal at CJM Murree…!! I was a teacher there at that time… proud to be a student of CJM Murree as well as a teacher for a short while.. Congratulations St. Berchmnens!!

  31. shabnam ( jalil) said:

    love u sister berchmans.whenever i have needed u ,you have always been there for me …owe a lot of me…..the person i am today to your love and ,guidance.love you

  32. Mehar un Nisa said:

    Sister … May God Bless you without your dedication to my education I could not have graduated from Harvard University! I am so proud to have been your student!

  33. uzma mashkoor fatimah mom said:

Congrate.u deserve this award .God bless u sister

  34. zaira muzaffar said:

    love u sister…. truly deserved … um proud to be a coventarian 🙂

    long live CJM ameen

  35. shaila asif said:

    congratulations.she has been my mother's teacher as well as mine . may God bless her with a healthy long life. from shaila latif khan

  36. Scherazade Jamali said:

    Congratulations! Great Personality. She admitted me into CJM and was one of my biggest supporters

  37. Tasneem Motan said:

    Congratulations to Mother Berchman on doing things only someone with a pure heart can do …………………I was her student at Karachi and later taught at the school for a few years…………..she is a wonderful person………Tasneem Motan Class of 82

  38. Natasha durrani said:

    Congratulations sister Berchmans!! You totally deserved it Thankyou for being a very important part of my life.Miss those wonderful days spent with you … Especially the Grade 5 math class and ofcourse character building classes on the hillside…. Love you n God bless you:)

  39. Mina said:

    Proud to b Conventarian 🙂 Congrats to Sister and the entire CJM Community …. !! CJM RULES ALLLLL THHEEE WAAAAYYYY !!! YYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! 🙂

  40. Rakshanda Nur said:

    congratulations. u deserved it for your dedication in the field of education, u inculcated discipline, values and taught lessons of character building among millions of young girls of Pakistan. May god bless u and grant u long healthy life.You guided me twice once as a student in cjm Lahore then as a teacher in cjm,Murree..i learnt a lot from u sister, proud to be from CJM.

  41. Aliya Shahid said:

    She taught us maths when we were short of a teacher… after about 17-18 years i still remember exactly what she taught. On my last day of school she told me that wherever i go CJM will be a part of me and every brick of CJM would have a bit of me in it…. amazingly i met her after about 5 years from that day at a book shop and she immediately called out to me by name and said "you were the one who was good in maths"…. that was such a shock… she deserves a lot more, but thank God for at least this. God bless you Sister Berchmans.

  42. Rabia said:

    Its a great honour for all the Maryians … as a Student of CJM , Lahore ……….We all love u Sister Berchman…………………………………..CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

  43. Abigail D'Souza said:

    One of the most genuine people i have come to know and love. Congratulations
    Sr. Berchmans. 🙂

  44. Ali Khan said:

    I worked for convent Karachi for almost 10 years. I found her very efficient, dedicated, kind, professional, sincere and easy to work with… Congratulation Sr. Berchmans 🙂


  45. Sara & Zara said:

    we are proud to be a conventarian and very proud of Sister – she is a wonderful.

  46. Mushtaq Ahmed said:

    Many many congratulations. She realy deserved more than it Being a parent we had a meeting with her regarding the admission of my son Huzaif Mushtaq we found her very kind and softspoken .

  47. Aamir Ali said:

    She is a great lady and a role model for teachers and an ideal for those who work hard with sincerity for the betterment of new generation. I personally appreciate and salute her for her devotion.
    May God Bless Her.
    Qazi Aamir Ali Khan Qureshi
    High Court

  48. Bushra Aijaz said:

    Hey OMG i found her , she was in Karahi , she was with us in1980ssssss who time flies , we 4 sisters went in Karachi Convent

  49. Salina said:

    I surely congratulate her for all her accomplishments. However, I think sister should know that hitting young children is a sin in any regilious. A stick or a drum stick is not to be used on a child and neither should a hand. It is a true sin to hit a person, specially a child who cannot respond or defend him/her self.

  50. hira ahmed khan said:

    Congratulations Sister Berchmans!YOU deserve more than this.I am highly grateful to the government of Karachi for bring Her great services in notice and giving her appreciation.I can never forget what she has done for me.Principal CJM Murree was a mother to all the girls who stayed away from their family under the most protective, caring and legendary woman.She is an Angel on earth ,her smile is the sunshine to the girls of Pakistan.We love you sister.

  51. Afsheen Fazal said:

    i have never seen such an inspirational teacher as sister Burchmans I owe alot to her, to begin with I would hvae never known anything about Mths had it not been for her.

  52. Sabine Mirza said:

    Wonderful lady ! Has always stayed on ones mind. Proud to be a conventarian.

  53. Iqra Hussain said:

    God bless u!proud to b a conventarian!

  54. shehla niazi said:

    congratulations Mother Berchmans, a well deserved honour still remember the wonderful days I spent at CJM Lahore.

  55. rumma (bajwa) tahir said:

    What a wonderful person .she was our English teacher and principal at lhr cjm in 76 .still remember her concern for Pakistan (learned to respect our country from her) God bless her

  56. samantha said:

    Im proud to be her student….God Bless her=)

  57. Siva Lokanathan said:

    I worked as a teacher under her inspirational guidance. I owe much for my successes. God Bless her and all the Sisters.

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