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US lawmaker urges Baluchistan self-determination

A US lawmaker on Friday introduced a resolution calling for self-determination in Baluchistan, triggering an angry response from Pakistan, although the measure looked unlikely to pass.
Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher said that Baluchis — divided now among Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan — should be allowed to choose their status. Pakistan’s Baluchistan has been torn by insurgency since 2004.
A resolution sponsored by Rohrabacher and two fellow Republicans said the Baluchi people “have the right to self-determination and to their own sovereign country, and they should be afforded the opportunity to choose their own status.”
“The political and ethnic discrimination they suffer is tragic and made more so because America is financing and selling arms to their oppressors in Islamabad,” Rohrabacher said in a statement.
There was no sign of significant support for the proposal by Rohrabacher, a longtime critic of Pakistan’s government who sought unsuccessfully to cut off all aid after US forces found and killed Osama bin Laden.
Pakistan quickly condemned Rohrabacher’s introduction of the resolution.
“This is a self-serving attempt on the part of those who are driven by arrogance and ignorance. The bill shows utter disrespect for international norms and practices,” Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman Abdul Basit said in a statement in Islamabad.
Pakistan similarly accused the United States of meddling in its affairs after Rohrabacher, who heads an investigative subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, recently called a hearing on Baluchistan.
The administration of US President Barack Obama, who belong to the rival Democratic Party, declined to send a representative to testify before Rohrabacher’s subcommittee and said it considered Baluchistan part of Pakistan.
“The Congress holds hearings on many foreign affairs topics. These hearings don’t necessarily imply that the US government endorses one view or another view,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said after the hearing.
“We encourage all the parties in Baluchistan to work out their differences peacefully and through a valid political process,” she said.
The United States has primarily been focused on unrest in Pakistan’s lawless border areas next to Afghanistan, which US officials consider to be a hideout for Islamic extremists.
But human rights groups have urged more attention to Baluchistan, where they say that hundreds of people have gone missing, detained or killed at the hands of Pakistan’s military and intelligence services.

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    • wonderer said:

      He knows very well, but he wants to finish his work in Baluchistan before taking on the Kashmir matter. One thing at a time; based on urgency.

    • Holysmoker said:

      yes he knows there is place called kashmir and he knows pakis are trying to infiltrate terrorist in kashmir from last 30 years and trying to kick out all hindu pandits from kashmir and trying to make 100 % muslim populations that then they can announce free kashmir for muslim people by name of islam .. they know everything you moron .. every one knows this except stupid pakis …. open your eyes .. 😛

  1. Zain Kalam said:

    Everything US does is for there own personal interest.Baluchistan has a great deal of importance To them,No wonder baluchistan is effected by Outside Interference So they can destablalize it and then Urge of its self determiniation…!! I say Stop Helping US in there Dirty war!

  2. Anwar Alam said:

    Ye American Ki Janib Say Sindh Punjab KPK Ko Choooor Ker Balochistan Card Khelnay Ki Sazish Ka Hissa Hy !
    America Ko Pakistan K Mamlaaat May Madakhilat Ka Koe Huq Nahe Hy !
    Ye Memo Ki Nakami K Baad Pak, Iran, Afghan Taluqaaat May Musbat Tabdeeeli Ki Bhoklaaahat Ka Nateeeja Hy !
    Mojoooda Balochistan Ki Sorat E Haal Ko Samnay Rakhtay Hoye Americans Ki Janib Say Ki Janay Wali Is Qisam Ki Her Katay Pakistan Ko Tornay Ki Sazish Hy !
    Ye America Ki Janib Say Pakistan Ki Saalimiyet Per Humla Hy Or Iska Mun Tooor Jawab Humaray Aapas K Ittihaaad Say He Mumkin Hy
    Allah Pak Mulk O Qoom K Huq May Bheteri Farmaye Aameeen !

    • wonderer said:

      "Allah Pak Mulk O Qoom K Huq May Bheteri Farmaye Aameeen !"

      That may not be enough. Get ready to act before its too late. Ask Hafiz Saeed of the Difaye-Pakistaan movement fame for help.

      Allah helps those who help themselves!

  3. Anwar Alam said:

    Bill Manzooor Ho Ya Na Ho Ye Herkat Ker K Americans Nay Jati Pe Tel K Sath Mazeeed Lakariya Bhe Daaali Hy Jo K Nazer Andaz Karna Kisi Sooorat Mulk O Qoom K Maffad May Nahe Hy !

  4. Anwar Alam said:

    America Ki Janib Say Musalasal Pakistan Ki Salmiyet Per Taber Tooor Humlay Kiye Ja Rahay Hy Jo K Lamha E Fikariya Hy !
    America K Sath Taluqaaat Per Hikmat E Amli In Harkatu Ko Samnay Rakhtay Hoye Tarteeb Di Jani Chaye !
    Neto Ki Suply Line Ki Bahali K Kheeelaf Bill Parliament May Fori Paysh Kiya Jaye Or 100% Manzoor Kiya Jaye Or Us Per 100 % Amal Dar Aamad Bhe Kiya Jana Chaye !

  5. Jalal Hb said:

    Remember a map circulated sometime before which showed bifurcation of Pakistan !! This is now a step towards that

  6. Nagato Awaiz said:

    spark has satrted now its matter of time to emmerage a new country
    a wakeup call for the pak army and security agencies

  7. Muhammad Younus Butt said:


  8. Prabhat Pal said:

    saari umar kashmir ka rona roya, bangladesh pe zulm kiye, chala gaya, balochistan par zulm jaari hai, chala jayega…

  9. Saadia Malik said:

    wait for surgency declared in country by politicians and then internal announcement and declaration signatures by govt this is how they are working but we the nation condemned it strongly this is our internal matter America stay out of it we are different from govt …….

    • Javed Ahmed Nizamani said:

      Now it should be clear to everyone that situation is very serious, oppression always leads to rebellion and there are many who are going to exploit the situation.

  10. M.A.J. said:

    Do we need any further proof that the US is an enemy? Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Egypt and now Pakistan…the campaign just rolls on and on. They want to dismember us, they want to take our nukes and they want us to become a weak banana republic and a secular state in the form that they prescribe. They want to discourage the Islam that tells you to defend yourself and that constitutes an entire way of life including government, law and the economy. Instead, they prefer the type where you twirl about with a skirt on and flowers in your hair. They want to set up their NGOs here and training institutes to reform our society, our government, our laws and our economy. They want to set up McDonalds and Citibank and WalMart so our businesses cannot compete and we become just another marginal consumer market that produces the products that it buys back at much higher prices after they put their names on them. Yes…its the American vision for prosperity for the third world…its a trickle down affect wherein they urinate on us and we're supposed to derive nutrition from that

  11. Javeria Tipu Chaudhry said:

    Well done, Pak Army, FC and Agencies. History repeating itself, sounds exactly the same what you did in East Pakistan. Now people from the other corner of the globe meddling into Balochistan.

  12. dhoti_WALa said:

    the best way to deal with this situation is that Pakistan National Assembly should start hearing on American possible dis-integration and its repercussion on the world ..

    when patriot act was passed in US and they started getting finger prints of all foreigner entering US. Argentina was the only country who started finger printing and strip searching of US citizen entering Argentina. Within three days Argentina was removed from the list of countries that were required to have finger printing … only proud nations can do that .. you desi member parliament get some courage and start debating US dis-integration and racial divide in US

    • wonderer said:

      Very good idea! Look at Baluchistan after completing this work.

  13. KhanSahab said:

    I support new Mexico. Lets pass a bill in our parliment for liberation of new Mexico occupied by USA.

  14. KhanSahab said:

    Maybe Rohrabacher is a cruel, sadistic, psychotic d¤¤khead? Just a thought

  15. KhanSahab said:

    If you do a little search you will find that he is consider a MORON even in USA by its people.

  16. Naveed said:

    Lao Ji. A lawmaker called SOB (You know what it means by SOB) struggling to find his legitimate father has now introduced this bill for self determination of Balochistan. i think he should first introduced a bill for the determination of his father. But i am afraid that findings will shows, it would be a Pakistani.

    • wonderer said:

      Did not know Pakistanis father SOBs……..

      If that is true, how many SOBs in Pakistan?????

  17. KhanSahab said:

    US got what she can get from zordari. Zordari time in Pakistan is up and US policy makers knows this well. Thats the reasons they are fast forwarding the Balochistan issue to break Pakistan in Zordari regeim. They aint gonna find Zordari kind of SOB in Pakistan after this.

  18. Javed Nizamani said:

    Now it should be clear to everyone that situation is very serious, oppression always leads to rebellion and there are many who are going to exploit the situation.

  19. abdur rauf said:

    I think no need to underestimate our own faults and also recriminatory attitude with Baluchis, In Sui there is in Gas……..this is a single example

  20. M.A.J. said:

    I wonder what was so horrible about my comment that Pakistan Today decided to censor it. Interesting that newspapers are censoring views

  21. M.A.J. said:

    I'm seeing a possible connection between the Domki family killings and the well timed US hearings. Too much coincidence?

  22. wonderer said:

    @Muhammad Younus Butt.

    You wrote, "What about the Jammu and kashmir resolution for self-determination whuch is already in the U.N.O"

    As per the 1948 UN resolution, Pakistan is required to first vacate the area illegally occupied by it by force. (Please read the resolution) Please tell me how can you implement the resolution when Pakistan refuses to take the first step?

    This fact is hidden by Pakistan from its own people. Such falsehoods and other misinformation is the tragedy of Pakistani people.

    Best of luck with Imran Khan.

    Do not wait for Kashmir; you may lose Baluchistan also, just like East Pakistan.

  23. Jahangir said:

    balooch people have all the rights for their self determination, a possible new country. They fed up with the atrocities of Pakistan government and their military. Many younsters children are disappeared over a long time. Pak gov wanted to loot our natural resources. We need dignity to govern our own land. Why so angry pak govt? you do the same thing with kashmir right? if u support kashmir whats the problem for our own self determination no, freedom. we want a seperate country. We are not slave. FREE BALOOCH

  24. khan said:

    lets the new york protesters should be given rights of self determination to a separate state,where all protesters live and express their feelings and voilence openly like baloch terrorists do, is it logical that bugti was having his own army within a state?

  25. Shakil Ahmad said:

    the people of Balochistan since centuries have lived as slaves to the sardars who under the British mistreated them and kept them like cavemen. the same sardars, now threatened by the beginning of a new era in which the people may become enlightened soon and overthrow the sardars’ hold, are crying for indepence so that they may continue to enjoy their authority and luxury. a so called independent provine cannot survive on its own and will soon become the headquarters of a rapid deployment force of the US and an enormous CIA headquarters for the region but the people of Balochistan will contine to suffer heavily as most of us Pakistanis have suffered under US tutelage since the beginning while of course the sardars will continue to enjoy their life of debauchery.

  26. A khan said:

    Yes we knew , that resolution was very gainfully issue for Pakistan, but true is true, Balouchistan was never part of Pakistan , like Kashmir , and poshtonistan, we dnt want just free Balouchistan also free poshonistan, we were never Pakistani, and would never, Lang life free baluchistan /poshtonistan ,

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