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Forget religion, it’s the mother who gets the girl

Taking Amina Tarrar, 11, from the custody of her father, Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday granted her custody to her French mother ruling that a minor girl should live with her mother. Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik passed the order on a petition filed by French national Ingrid Branden Burger seeking the custody of her daughter, Amina, from ex-husband Razzaq Tarrar, resident of Phalia Tehsil, Mandi Bahauddin district.
Earlier, police brought the girl before the court with Amina’s grandfather and uncle present. Razzaq, however, could not appear before the court as he was hospitalised in CMH Lahore. While the girl refused to go with her mother, cried in court and declared her desire to live with her father, the court ordered that she be given to her mother.
Wearing a scarf, Amina told the court, “My mother is a non-Muslim and I do not want to go with her unless she converts to Islam.” In response, the judge told Amina that the court had to consider the law in its decision and that the law categorically states a mother should have custody of a minor girl.
Burger stated in her plea that she married Razzaq in France and that Amina was born out of the wedlock. However, after some time their relationship soured and they divorced in 2001 when Razzaq ran back to Pakistan and illegally brought their daughter along with him, she said.
She said a French guardian court had already ruled in her favour. She said that when Razzaq brought Amina to Pakistan in 2005 and filed a custody case in the guardian court of Phalia it decided the case in her favour after which Razzaq went into hiding, and took their girl along. She said she had been fighting a custody case since 2005 and even the session court’s court in Lahore had given a verdict in her favour. She asked the court to issue orders to recover the girl and grant her custody.
Razzaq’s lawyer, however, argued his client had decided to hide so that Amina, being the daughter of a Muslim man, should not be given to a non-Muslim mother. However, Berger’s counsel reminded the court that the guardian court of Phalia, the session court and the French court had already awarded Amina’s custody to her mother. On this, the LHC also upheld the previous decisions and directed that Amina be handed to her mother.
Speaking to media, Amina’s grandfather Manzoor Ahmed said they did not want their granddaughter to grow up as “an infidel.” He said, “The judgment has shocked both Amina and our family.”

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  1. abubakar said:

    Allah help this girl who will become christian in france and this girl was our muslim sister but a lahore high court judge forcefully kidnapped her under cover of law to be sent to france while she is weeping weeping weeping but you send her forcefully to become christian for cheap publicity. Allah help her ameen

    • Adnan said:

      Always bring the religion in everything. Her father kidnapped her. She is clearly brain washed by her father and other relatives. How can a daughter can say that she will not go with a "WHITE" woman? Is being a "WHITE" a crime? How can a daughter who is perhaps 10 years old can say that she will not go with a "CHRISTIAN" woman? Is having a religion other than Islam a crime? Can a 10 years old is old enough to say that? Did her mother harm her or her father? No! she did not harm them. Her crimes are that she is "WHITE" and "CHRISTIAN".
      I am sure she will understand that her father was wrong. The thing her father would have told her about her mother, she will soon find them false. I hope she will get lots of love from her mother.

      • aaaa said:

        shame on [email protected] She was weeping and saying she didnt like her and did not want to go with her. its not about being "WHITE", but a muslimah who is being forced to convert

        • Adnan said:

          Can you please tell me why she do not like her? it's been seven years she is with her father and away from her mother. She would be three years old when her father kidnapped her. Do you think the mother who is searching for her from seven years would have done lots of bad things when she was perhaps three years old? She was weeping because her father and other relatives brainwashed her against her mother. They demonized her mother. Nobody can force anybody to convert. She just need to spend some years with her and she will be 18 or 19 then she can come to her father and do what she wants.

    • Inzamam Gilani said:

      Inshah Allah…Muslims will rule the world…Infidels we are coming to kill you…

  2. Umar said:

    She is just 11. She is minor in most of the countries under normal rule of law including Pakistan, so she is not capable of making her own decision. Her mother was granted custody in France. Her father disobeyed the orders of the court. Brought back to Pakistan by kidnapping her. Mother of the girl still decided to go according to Pakistani Law and claimed for custody in the Family court of Mandi Bahauddin (where the father was residing). Family Court agreed with the decision of the French court and gave custody to mother as well. Father appealed in the high court against decision and lost again. That's the whole story.
    If anyone respects law, he must respect the decision of the court. And if you really think that she is going to turn into christian in France then so be it. Her father should've thought this through before getting in the relationship with a "Firangi" woman.

  3. abu rifa said:

    this is against Islam, its another example of the hypocrisy that is called paksitan, which was formed in the name of islam and today is doing everything to get itself away from the islamic way of life.

  4. Aslam said:

    This muslim girl was weeping and it was her father fault. So punish his father and send him to jail but what is the fault of girl who is now a muslim and weep to remain in pakistan. There will be many cases now in pakistan that 50 years old people live who were brought by father from europe. Will court send them also to europe back. Those who commit crime be punished. Punish father of girl but not girl who was forcefully put in car while she was weeping like forced marriages in our villages when girls are put in car while they weep. Wish of human being is above all. The girl is 11 years old and she decided that she want to remain pakistan. She was not 6 or 5 years old. She can never forget pakistan. She is old and was weeping but a high court judge kidnapped her under so called law. Which law? Then why people protest against forced marriage of minor girls in pakistan. Girl is a human being and not animal. Cheap publicity is our weakness

    • Adnan said:

      Bro, how would our courts give right judgement if we pressured them to give what we want? How can you compare it to forced marriages? She is going with her mother and I think the mother does not have a past of eating children.

      And about weeping, perhaps you never saw a child going school first time. Almost every child cries when going to school first time. She will grow up and I believe they are not going to lock her there. She would come back if she wanted.

  5. rehman said:

    If the guy is so religious then why have a baby out of wedlock. Hypocrites. propably wanted to a french nationality. if god wills , she will grow up a muslim.

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