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On ending corruption

Political corruption has plagues Pakistan adding to its many economic woes while inflation has risen to intolerable limits, making the life of the common man miserable.

It is a well-recognised fact that it is difficult to end political corruption in the parliamentary system, as high election expenses and the following horse trading cost, is generally recovered through corruption, after achieving ministerial jobs by the elected representatives.

It is therefore not understandable how Imran Khan and other leaders claim that they will end all corruption after being elected within a few months. This can only be done in a presidential system, where the elected representatives are not given any ministerial job, as is the case in the US system.

Therefore, corruption can only be stopped if the presidential system is enforced in Pakistan and no elected person is appointed as minister or on any other administrator. This will also drastically cut down election expenses, as honest and capable persons, to be elected to the Assembly, will never be able to spend a fortune in the election.

Switching to a presidential system, or amending the current system for it to remove this systemic glitch in the electoral process, is an option worth looking into.



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