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Punjab Seed Council approves cotton varieties

Punjab Seed Council has approved 18 cotton varieties for cultivation in Punjab. 42nd meeting of Punjab Seed Council was held at Agriculture House, Lahore chaired by Malik Ahmad Ali Aulakh, Minister for Agriculture, Punjab. The meeting was attended by Sumaira Samad, Additional Secretary (Planning) Agriculture Department Punjab, Managing Director, Punjab Seed Corporation, Director General Agri (Research), Director General Agriculture (Extension) representatives of NIAB, NIBGE, Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, Pakistan Cotton Growers Association, APTMA, PCGA and cotton growers. The proposals of 26 varieties of BT cotton/non-BT varieties evolved by research institutions of the Government and private sector were presented in the meeting. While discussing and considering for approval, the breeders of BT varieties presented the case of their varieties for approval by highlighting trial results and performance of the candidate varieties and their characteristic. After discussing at length and keeping in view the data presented for candidate varieties 4 new BT varieties FH-114, CIM-598, SITARA-009 and A-one whereas, 4 new non-BT varieties BH-167, MIAD-852, CIM-573 and SLH-317 were approved for general cultivation. Whereas, four BT varieties including TARZAN-1, NS-141, IR-NIBGE-3, MNH-886 and 3 non-BT varieties NIBGE -115, FH-941 and FH-942 were approved for one year for field performance/monitoring of the varieties. The council also granted approval of three BT varieties IR-1524, Ali Akbar-802 and NEELAM-121 after completion of one year’s approval earlier. Eight varieties were deferred by Punjab Seed Council. The minister for agriculture, Punjab congratulated the breeders of new varieties and appreciated their contribution in agriculture sector. He said lion’s share of available resources is being diverted to develop agriculture on modern lines in the province as this particular sector is top priority of the government to achieve self sufficiency and self reliance on sustainable basis. Talking to media men after the meeting, the minister said 80 new varieties of different crops have been approved during regime of present government since 2008, whereas, only 49 were approved by previous government during their five years tenure. He further said that wheat production of 19.04 million tonnes during 2010-11 was achieved as compared to 15.60 million tonnes in 2007-08 which marked an increase of 18 per cent. Similarly bumper rice production of 3.38 million tonnes, record productions of 42.8 million tonnes of sugarcane, 2.96 million tonnes of wheat and 3.34 million tonnes of potato were achieved during 2010-11. He added now Punjab government has entered into certification regime to produce fully traceable agricultural and livestock products to reach high end markets of the developed world and to enhance exports for which Rs2.024 billion has been allocated to improve supply chain of selected agricultural and livestock products for improving quality and introducing traceability as per international standards and requirements. He urged the farmers to grow latest high yielding approved varieties to make country self-sufficient in agricultural commodities, paving way for increasing agricultural exports for earning precious foreign exchange.



  1. Sajid husaain said:

    Selection of variety is vital to reduce attack of insect pest

  2. Sajid husaain bsc (hons) agronomy 8th semestr bzu said:

    A good variety having insects pest resistance will give higher yield but government should fix proper rate so that farmer is not disheared .in this way farmer will play vita role to achieve target

  3. Dr. Jehanzeb Farooq said:

    Quality seed will produce quality seedling ultimately proper stand establishment. Some of the varieties from CCRI like CIM-598 and 573 are excellent in terms of Fiber traits. But others are though better yielder but average in terms of fiber.

  4. amir ali said:

    its good to see that punjab government and scientists are doing hard work and progressing in breeding of new varities as for sindh i want to add some varities like tasco 901 ali akbar 703 and 1524 are best in early and late sowing
    if any one has a experience regarding four brothers's varity tarzan-1 plese share it with me

    • habib said:

      tarzon one is good but water need high and fertile and cool land


    I.QBAL RASOOL SOHRANI M.Sc.Hons. Entomology
    MNH 886 is agood addition for cotton growers.

  6. Aisha Khatibi said:

    has anyone stopped to question the safety of planting BT varieties of cotton ? 250 000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1997 because of the great damage the BT cotton varieties had caused. It is toxic to soil, environment and also will result in superweeds and super pests eventually.

  7. imran anwar said:

    hai its surprizing to see new varieties of b t cotton in pakistan imran anwer m sc. ( hons.) entomology

  8. hanzilla aarij said:

    protect growers from seed maaaafia in mianwali hanzilla aarij from sargodha

  9. ghulam kibria said:

    yeah i agreed bt 886 had a terrible results last year

  10. Muhammad Usman Gujjar said:

    BT 703 AND 886 are superb varietes in my own experment the quality of good and its charming in mandi you will pay more profit then other varieties.

    • yaqoob said:

      aoa sir am yaqoob dist multan sir man ap sy new varites lana chta hun ye mara cl num hy 03074122894 us py apna number to snd kr dana plz tk k man ap sy infrmation lay skonok thnks

  11. muhammad ilyas said:

    i like mnh 886 approved and fh 142 non aproved verity.it gave good production in my field.its my resurch as farmer.

  12. zia said:

    these are all basturs they sell there varieties before the govt appeoves

  13. M.mansoor khan said:

    Which cotton seeds best in okara pakistan and month

  14. azharwahga said:

    which cotton varity is good for cultivation in Dist Lodhran and particularly its local arias like jallah arain where lack of canal water is a big problem for the formers this question is for some experienced cotton grower plez write me soon

  15. azhar wahga zair said:

    which cotton varity is good for cultivation in Dist Lodhran and its local areas like jallah arain where canal water is unsuficent for crops irrigation its a question from some experienced cotton grower write me soon plez

  16. seth mumtaz ahmed adda shahbaz wala fort abbas said:

    congratulation to our scientst who produced a lot of bt varities to us i found bt 886 and bt 232 best varities my own expirenet

  17. sarfraz chattha said:

    MR 543 is also very gud high potenstiol vriety
    for visit cntact 03004821017

  18. Nazir Ahmad said:

    I belong to layyah district. I have one hectare of sandy loam soil. My irrigation source is tube well. I want to grow BT Cotton in my land, so i request you to subscribe me some good varieties of BT Cotton.

  19. Sikander said:

    BT is the greatest variety of cotton now a days……

  20. tanveer said:

    Bt-905 and Tarzan-1 are good varieties for sanghar

  21. Muhammad waqas said:

    kindly tell me the variety for sargodha region which has more production in sargodha district region and its date of cultivation early variety , middle variety and late variety name .

  22. nadeem Sundila said:

    muzaffar Garh k lye koi best seed btaen plz…. i like fh142, 666 ,, 815,,,777,,,886..sg1

  23. Bashir Iqbal said:

    i belong to fort abbas i thinks bt cotton varities for grow in fort abbas is better FH-142,MNH-886,IUB-222 greatest variety of cotton

  24. Abdul Ghafoor said:

    Which cotton seed variety is best for Pirmahal dist. Toba Tek Singh

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