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Sharkruiser or Robo Next 3000, what’s your dream car?

Over a thousand children participated in an art contest arranged by Toyota Defence Motors for children between 5 and 15 years of age who were asked to draw their dream car.
A kid who likes sharks a lot drew the Sharkruiser that looks like the fish with huge teeth and an eye above the windscreen, whereas another drew the Banana Car that is shaped like the fruit.
Children from various schools submitted their artwork with fabulous concepts to the Toyota company. Students participating in the contest belonged to the Washington International School, the British Overseas School, the Beaconhouse School System, the Jennings Educational Society, the Ladybird Grammar School, the DHA Model School, the Habib Public School, the Karachi High School, the Khaliqdina Girls School and the AES School for Girls among others.
“We have collected over 1,000 artworks from various schools, and on February 12 (today), there will be a grand event in which we have invited 105 short-listed children with their best artwork. We shall put their drawings on display at our art gallery,” said Toyota Defence Motors Customer Relations Manager Chitra Shekhar.
She said these 105 candidates would be attending the event with their parents and the company would award them certificates.
“Apart from this, the programme is going to be a fun event for children, as we have arranged quizzes, games, magic shows, rides and other interesting things for them,” she added.

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