James cameron need special submarines for avatar 2

It’s not a surprise that James Cameron plans on taking Avatar 23 into the sea, but it news on how he plans to get there. He already has told Sam Worthington that he’ll be filming underwater, and now Sigourney Weaverhas offered more insight on how Cameron plans on shooting under the sea. In an interview with Italian website Bad Taste (via /Film), Weaver dished that Cameron might need to have some special submarines built so he can shoot the upcoming movie. “Cameron will only begin filming the new ‘Avatars’ after having gone underwater in a specially built submarine,” she said. “It is thought that he would like to go to the Mariana Trench. Re-beginning work on ‘Titanic’ for the 3D version has also given him many inspirations for ‘Avatar’.” This wouldn’t be a first for Cameron. He used submarines to help shoot “Titanic” as well as his nonfiction 3D IMAX projects, “Ghosts of the Abyss” and “Aliens of the Deep.” But it is interesting that he seems to need advanced technology to help him shoot “Avatar 2″ and “3.” Also worth noting is that the Mariana Trench mentioned is the deepest part of the Earth’s oceans. That could explain why “Avatar 2′s” release date is somewhere between 2014 and 2016. It sounds like Cameron still has a lot of work to be done before filming can begin. Cameron spoke about the ocean world recently and seemed excited about his filming possibilities. “You know, the fictional Na’vi people and I want them to feel that excitement of discovery of a new world that they’re going to see things that they haven’t imagined,” he said. “All that sort of the perk package of the first movie is still going to be there. And the themes will be there and be played out in a way that I think people can accept.”