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Police register murder case against Mian Amer, 63 others

Gulberg Police registered a case of murder against Mian Amer Mehmood, the chief executive of Dunya News and chairman of the Punjab Group of Colleges, and 63 other officials of the Punjab Group of Colleges late on Wednesday night.
The case was registered on the complaint of Muhammad Nawaz Warraich, a resident of Canal View, against Mian Amer, Dr Sohail Afzal, Tahir Aagha, Major (r) Saleem and 60 other unidentified people.
Warraich claimed in his complaint that his two daughters Farah Nawaz and Zainab Nawaz were students of the Punjab Group of Colleges and on January 9, he dropped them both off to attend a cultural show organised by the college administration where both sustained serious injuries along with dozens of other girls in a stampede. He said Farah later died at Services Hospital while Zainab was discharged after treatment. He said in his complaint that the people he had named were responsible for the death of his daughter, so police registered a case against them.
Dunya News Bureau Chief Salman Ghani told reporters that the case was registered by the police on the instructions of the Punjab government in order to stop Dunya News from telling the truth about it and exposing its misdeeds, especially the negligence of the Punjab government in the spurious drugs scandal.
All unions of journalists, including Lahore Press Club (LPC), Federal Union of Journalists (FUJ) and Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ), condemned the Punjab government for the alleged victimisation. LPC President Sarmad Bashir condemned the act and said the PUJ would protest on Thursday (today) on the instructions of the FUJ. He said the LPC would support the PUJ’s protest rally.
In a late night development, the Punjab government directed Punjab Police to suspend the first information report (FIR) against Mian Amer and the others. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah told reporters that the case registered against Mian Amer and others was illegal as police could not register two cases of one incident. He said the home secretary had conducted an enquiry earlier in which he held former Model Town Division superintendent of police (SP) Malik Awais responsible for the incident in which the girl lost her life. On the recommendation of the home secretary, he said, the Punjab government had transferred and suspended Awais, who later got the case registered against Mian Amer and others.
He said the Punjab government had ordered Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Maj Mubashar Ullah to conduct an enquiry into the negligence of police in this regard.
Mian Amer later on called the presidents of all unions of journalists and thanked them for their cooperation.

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    • Shahid Kureshi said:

      Lets go the whole nine yards, Whose daur was he born in?

  1. adeel said:

    I have no sympathy with Mian Amir but the point is that why duplicate FIR and also after months of incident against him. If it was immediately after incident then people will not doubt the intention.

    Why the parent are reluctant to mention "concert" in report/media, why cultural show? It was not cultural show. If the parents know they did right to send their daughter to concert then admit it as concert not cultural show, hypocrisy.

    • umar said:

      bha me apki bat se itefaq krta hu lekin ye konsa insaf he ke ilzam koi lagay aur ap kisy aur ke peechy pr jaien.

  2. Alvi said:

    Just bcause CEO of Punjab Colleges has a TV channel he should get away with homicide. These were three young girls who died because of criminal negligence of a school owned by this man who gained prominence under Mush and has become billionaire. Please remember this paper claims to be legacy of a prominent journalist, a man who stood up for principles.

  3. Alvi said:

    Is the media going to behave like a mafia of the lawyers?. Mian Amir must be tried for death of these 3 innocent young girls. This blackmail by this channel must not be allowed.

  4. Umair Hassan said:

    Mian Amir u deserves this,,, U are a Murderer and this is Bitter Reality.. Sharam tumhay magar nahi ati

  5. Tariq said:

    Mian Amir a beneficiary of a dictator whose anchor ML was a minister in that cabinet should not be allowed to get away with blackmail and abuse and evade prosecution for Culpable Homicide of 3 innocent teenagers who died in a stampede while attending an overcrowded musical concert arranged by a school owned by him at a hall with inadequate capacity and emergency exits for an emergency evacuation. Media should behave with responsibility instead of grouping together for a man like Mian Amir who has used his channel to blackmail others and help him get away with criminal irregularities and violations of law.

  6. Tass said:

    At the end of day Mian Amir stands exposed for the nouveau rich man with no morals. The Shariffs are no better, but certainly not as worse as this man. Luqman's boss has a habit of gifting gold watches with billions that he has made in past few years as he rose from rags to riches.

  7. Nabeel said:

    even College Name Was not told BY any news channel on the time of incident…….!!!
    They All were Hiding The name….!!!!!

  8. sumbal said:

    Mian amir was city nazim of Musharf now he is working for pti .dunya channel is mafia .our media is going to destroy our country.

  9. umar farhan said:

    khudara media bhe kholy dil ka saboot dy. muqadma koi kray aur ilzam ksy aur pr? sochny ki bat he. ap ke pass aik channel he to iska hr giz ye matlab nhe ke ap jo kuch krty rhe.

  10. CH. USMAN said:

    yar kia bt hy … un ki mot asay i hwi thi wo chalay gaiyyyy hahha wah punjab govt .. duniya news is on his wayy darpok ganjayy..!!!!!!!!

  11. hA hA said:





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