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Bilawal for modern techniques to deal with disasters

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari directed the Sindh government to pursue a comprehensive strategy and adopt modern techniques to deal with disasters.
A briefing was given to PPP chairman at Bilawal House Tuesday on development projects in Sindh focusing on supply of clean drinking water, construction of roads and steps taken for alleviation of poverty.
Speaking on the occasion, he said the government took all possible measures for rehabilitation of flood affectees.
Sindh Finance Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah gave a briefing to him on Benazir Income Support Program.
Moreover, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah told Bilawal that thousands of ghost employees had been identified in the province.

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  1. javed said:

    is there a way we could be saved from u and your father and your family looting of poor pakistan . be it known we pakistani hate u and your family. u r not pakistani , born abroad n live in europe. how can u claim to ba a pakistani < u come here only to plunder us . Allah JS save us from u n your family.

    • MS Syed said:

      Javed . . . please stop hate. We had enough. We love them and InshaAllah continue to change the society and systems in Pakistan . . .

      • javed said:

        keep loving them rather worship bilawal and zardari and babar awan and gilani and also hamid raza and love Aitaza ahsen and fauzia wahab and zulfikar mirza . congratulations for a superb choice.

  2. Pakistani said:

    Bilawal's chairmanship is the biggest mark on PPP's democratic value (if they had any), and I am sure it will be the last straw that will completely wipe out party's support among the general masses.

  3. Technique said:

    Bilawal , what modern techniques could be employed to deal with a disaster like you?

  4. Raheem said:

    The holy prince of PPP gearing up for entry in pakistani politics and talking in same manner as his father does. Just do it, do that, ensure it, give it not a single clear line of action. They dont know about the ground realities of Pakistan and do not know how to administrate, they cant even run a shop and sadly what they get to run is a country of 18 crore people.even the monarchs of Arab are better than them atleast they dont loot the commoners.

  5. anwar said:

    One modern disaster is in the presidential compound. Deal with him

  6. janan said:

    I too would like to get briefed by our PM regarding our dire social/economic situation.

  7. missy said:

    maan sakh rehi thi ke zara khush hon ge,,,laikin achaa kerain tab bhi inhain takleef ho rehi,,,,,, Bakwas kerne ki bajyee kuch ker ke deekhao haan? Bilawal, you are young n handsome, and also think positive about the nation,, don't care about them

  8. missy said:

    Bechare Bilawal ne bohattt kuch kiyaa hai,,zara news to pero

  9. missy said:

    TELL ME ONE SINGLE THING WHAT BAD BILAWAL DID TO PAKISTAN?? don't tell me about his dad,, his father did it,,,,not Bilawal? Tell me , what personal Bilawal did bad to Pak?

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